Working With an Idiot? Take Lots of Mini-Vacations!

So there you are, day after day with Clueless Carl – the colleague who somehow got hired despite clearly knowing nothing about the industry, the job, or how to function like a normal human. Every morning he shuffles over to your desk and asks the same asinine question, forcing you to plaster on a fake smile while contemplating how many years you'd get for assault. You've got two options: Keep slogging along in hopes he'll eventually figure it out, or start taking a few mental health days…err, “mini vacations” to retain your sanity. Hey, maybe Clueless Carl can cover for you! Then again, you'd probably come back to find the office in flames. 100 words on the nose.

The Struggle of Working With an Incompetent Colleague

So, you've landed yourself the coworker from hell. The one who asks you the same mind-numbing questions every damn day and still hasn't grasped the basics of the job after months of “training”. Fantastic.

Take a “Mental Health Day”

When their incessant interruptions and foolish errors start to make your eye twitch, it's time for an impromptu vacation. Tell your boss you're taking a personal day and get the hell out of there before you explode. A little solitude and some deep breathing will help you regain your patience and zen-like calm.

Set Clear Boundaries

You can't control their incompetence but you can control how much of it you're exposed to. Be firm and consistent with your boundaries. Don't make their problems your problems. And when they come whimpering to you yet again for help, suggest – with a smile – that they ask someone else or refer to the policy manual. You have your own work to do, after all.

Consider a Job Change

If the situation shows no signs of improving, you may need to make a bigger change. Start looking for a new position where you'll be surrounded by competent, self-sufficient professionals who don't need their hand held for every little task. Your sanity will thank you, even if your paycheck takes a temporary hit. No amount of money is worth dealing with this level of aggravation and frustration day after day.

Take a mini-vacation, set clear boundaries, and keep your options open. With the right self-care and coping strategies, you can survive working with an idiot. For now, anyway.

Don’t Let Their Incompetence Bring You Down

So your coworker is dumber than a box of rocks. Fantastic. Every day it's the same inane questions, the same mistakes, the same utter lack of common sense. How did this person even get hired? You start to wonder if you should just quit your job to get away from the stupidity.

But before you start updating your resume, hear us out. Don't let this dummy drag you down into the depths of despair along with them. You've worked too hard to get where you are, so don't throw it all away just yet. Instead, take a mental health day. Or two or three. We call them mini-vacations, and they're just what the doctor ordered.

When your dimwitted coworker starts grinding your gears again with their foolishness, tune them out. Put on your , close your office door, and pretend you're on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand. Transport yourself to your happy place and let the waves of incompetence wash over you.

Or if you can swing it, take an actual quick getaway. A long weekend out of town or even just a day off can help you recharge and renew your patience for dealing with the village idiot back at the office. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? At the very least, it will make their stupid questions slightly more tolerable when you return.

The point is, don't let someone else's lack of intelligence ruin your own . Take a break when you need it and remember that this too shall pass. Or at the very least, know that you can always plot your revenge while sipping piña coladas on your next mini-vacay. Chin up, you've got this! Let the moron do their thing, while you do you.

Take Regular Mental Health Breaks

Look, dealing with dimwits day in and day out can really grind on your sanity. When Bob wanders over to your desk for the third time to ask how to turn on his computer, you'll want to scream. But since HR frowns on screaming at coworkers, even if they deserve it, you'll have to find another outlet.

Mini-vacations are the answer. Take frequent mental health breaks to prevent yourself from going on a rampage through the office with a stapler. Whenever Bob approaches with that confused look on his face, announce loudly that you're taking a walking meeting and stride purposefully out of the room. Head to the break room, bathroom or your car and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Return once you've regained your composure and can face his foolishness again with a smile plastered on your face.

On particularly trying days, extend your mini-vacation. Take an extra long lunch, duck out a bit early or come in a little late. Blame traffic or a doctor's appointment if anyone asks. Your sanity is worth the white lie. If all else fails, use up a sick day here and there for an impromptu three-day weekend. Mental health is health, after all.

While covering for less-than-competent colleagues may seem like “helping the company,” there's a limit to how much you can help before you start hindering your own productivity and morale. Protecting your mental well-being with strategic mini-vacations will make you a happier, healthier and more effective employee in the long run. And if all else fails, keep that resume polished — your next job without an office idiot may be just around the corner!

Plan Mini-Vacations to Recharge

So your dimwit coworker has asked you for the umpteenth time how to do the most basic part of their job. You're this close to screaming, but instead, plan a mini-vacay. ### Take a Long Lunch

Tell your coworkers you have an “important meeting” and peace out for an extra-long lunch. Turn off your work phone, grab some grub, and decompress. Even an hour away from that nonsense can help reset your sanity levels.

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Call in “Sick” for a Day Off

If Long Lunch Larry isn't cutting it, you may need to take more drastic measures. Call in with the fakest cough you can muster and take a random day off to avoid the daily drivel. Sleep in, catch up on your shows, and relax in blissful solitude. Your coworker's cluelessness will still be there tomorrow, so enjoy the respite!

Use Up Your PTO

If at all possible, take a few planned days off using paid time off or vacation days. Even if you have nowhere to go and nothing major planned, a “staycation” where you avoid work altogether can work wonders. Turn off your out-of-office responder and don't check email. Make it a true break so you can decompress and renew your patience for the nonsense that awaits your return.

While these mini-getaways can help you maintain your sanity, the real solution is finding a new job with smarter coworkers! But until the right opportunity arises, take comfort in the fact that every day you have to deal with this dud is one day closer to moving on to bigger and better things. Keep your head up—your mini-vacays and the light at the end of the tunnel will get you through!

Focus on Your Own Growth and Goals

So your colleague isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. No use complaining about it—that won't make them any smarter. Instead, shift your focus to your own professional development. While Dumb and Dumber over there keeps asking the same inane question, use the time you'd spend banging your head against the wall to work on a new skill.

When HR saddles you with another newbie who can't tell a mouse from a monitor, don't waste wondering who hired these people. Take a mini-vacation! Those 15 minutes you'd spend explaining how to turn on a computer for the umpteenth time could be better spent learning a new programming language or brushing up your resume.

Instead of staying in silent quit mode, dreaming of the day you finally escape to a new job, use the situation to your . With management's attention focused on bringing the new hires up to speed, now's the perfect time to ask for opportunities to mentor others or take on more responsibility. Make yourself invaluable, and when a new job does come along, you'll be in the perfect position to negotiate a higher salary.

Every workplace has its challenges, but dealing with a doltish colleague day in and day out can really test your patience. Don't let their incompetence drag you down or distract you from your own goals. Stay focused on your own professional growth, take of chances to advance your skills, and use those much-needed mini-vacations to recharge. With time, either they'll shape up or ship out, but either way, you'll be poised to move on to bigger and better things.


And there you have it, folks. If you're stuck working with an idiot day in and day out, just keep sneaking off on mini-vacations whenever you can. Tell 'em you're “working remotely” as you lounge on the beach with a margarita in hand. Because at the end of the day, we all know you can't fix stupid. But you can fix your sanity by regularly escaping from it. Stay strong, keep your resume polished, and remember: this too shall pass. Unless they get hit by a bus. Then you're golden.

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