WALMANN Garage Golf Storage Organizer, Extra Large Golf Bags Stand with Golf Accessories Storage Shelves Rolling Golfing Equipment Organizer

WALMANN Garage Golf Storage Organizer, Extra Large Golf Bags Stand with Golf Accessories Storage Shelves Rolling Golfing Equipment Organizer
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Product Description

Perfect for Golfer: Tired of a cluttered garage? The golf bag stand organizer is designed to neatly consolidate your golf equipment and accessories, freeing up valuable floor space and eliminating the hassle of scattered gear.
Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with 6 upgraded caster wheels, our golf bag holder effortlessly rolls indoors/outdoors. Enjoy the ease of movement for cleaning behind and under it, making maintenance a breeze.
Larger Capacity: Accommodate 2 larger golf bags effortlessly, providing ample space for your golf hats, towels, shoes, gloves, balls and other golf accessories. Displayed in a manner that allows you to see everything and grab what you need.
Easy Assembly: Golf bag organizer for garage comes with user-friendly instructions, both visual and written, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process. Enjoy the convenience of setting up your organizer quickly and efficiently.
Built to Last: Built with durability in mind, golf rack storage organizer boasts a robust design to securely your golf bags, ensuring stability and longevity.

Product Summary

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Shiny
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Great solution for storage needs
Review: This golf equipment storage stand is everything I was looking for. I used to have my stuff just floating around the garage aimlessly without anything having a defined location, but this changed all of that forever. Now I no longer have to look for any of my supplies, as they are all organized neatly in one place. I can drop them off easily on this rack, and find them again easily, since they now have a defined home. The rack itself is a bit of a chore to put together, but it works out in the end because it is sturdy and well built. I like it, and would get another in a heartbeat if I needed it.

Reviewer: BKH – STG Synergies
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: tough, sturdy!
Review: The WALMANN store golf storage organizer arrived with the organizer (in pieces), screws and whatnots, and a set of assembly instructions.This set of storage shelving is a wonderful tool for storing anything, not just round cylinders like golf bags and such. Frankly, I do use it for a golf bag, but also for a set of tools, brooms, and more that are long, unwieldy, and are willing to stand up on their own. The wheels make for easy movement of the storage unit around my garage, while the hooks allow for easy addition of of, say, a brown fluid cylinder or a smaller bag.All in all this offers excellent value for money, being sturdy as I said, efficient to put together, and easy to use. Recommend!Rating : 5 stars! Superb, buy now! 4: Solid, few flaws, good value. 3: Most common. Good product, fair value. 2: Flawed, poor value. 1: LandfillDisclaimer: Amazon Vines, product provided at price of US taxation, not gratis. Reviews are dropped in batch, infer nothing from bulk drops. This review is a frank, unbiased, production of STG Synergies.

Reviewer: GaS Ginsters
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: All steel construction with lockable wheel casters.
Review: 2024-03-09. Golf storage organizer by WALMANN. Extra large golf bag stand. Accessories shelves. Rolling equipment organizerAs with most things, for me, there are 5 areas of focus when it comes to products:5. Packaging. The least important of my criteria, but one that needs to be considered when something comes disassembled. The contents were well protected, with each piece encased in separate bag to prevent scratching one another. The only other notable about packaging is that it did not come in retail packaging, rather appeared to be packaging directly from the manufacturer. This is important because issues with may not be covered by the seller, and you may need to take it up any defects directly with the manufacturer.4. Assembly. The storage organizer comes disassembled, but provides all the necessary tools (Allen wrench, and wrench key). All parts are clearly labelled with stickers that matched up with the detailed instructions that make assembly a breeze.3. Features. With a large mesh design on the sides, front, and back, contents are easily identified for retrieval. The bottom is also mesh, but finer. This is actually a pretty smart design as the smaller mesh ensures your stored items don't fall through; however, the mesh is not so small that loose dirt will get trapped in the organizer. A couple of accessory hooks are provided to accommodate baseball bats, tennis racquets, and the like. But the best feature has to be the wheel casters; of which two of them are lockable to keep the unit in place when needed. Not only is this super handy for porting around, it makes for cleaning underneath the organizer a breeze.2. Size. The storage unit consists of a larger bin capable of storing 2 golf bags, and four narrower wire shelves. The wired shelves are to the right of the bags.1. . The frame itself is of decent with a 5/8″ all steel construction. It's coated with a finish to hinder rusting and appears to be electrostatically applied so it's unlikely that it will ever flake off.Overall a pretty good golf organizer. Solid steel construction and decent sized side bins with high visibility from all sides due to the wire mesh. From a price point, it's very similar to the cost of a deck box of comparable size, but this is better suited for this purpose.

Reviewer: Don
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Perfect storage unit!
Review: Great golf storage unit for my garage! Fairly easy and straightforward to assemble. End result looks great and is super functional. Iรขย€ย™m lefty of storage for everything golf related.

Reviewer: David D
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Easy to assemble golf organizer
Review: I didn't time the assembly itself, but in a little over an hour I had assembled the unit and organized my golf stuff. Directions on assembly are clear and tools included. An alan wrench is needed for the screws. All included screws are in the package and a couple of spares. Do note, there are two brake casters so make sure they are installed in the front. The instructions don't indicate that two of the caster wheels have “brakes”.I was able to assemble myself and it was fairly straight forward, but having another set of hands would have made it a little easier to hold the pieces when assembling initially. Was very study, but still lightweight. I was impressed by the casters. I was expecting cheap casters, but the caster were heavy and seemed pretty solid. After assembling, it allowed my to clear out some shelf space and organize my golf equipment. I even found some things I forgot I had.Very happy with this organizer.

Reviewer: Moyse family
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Perfect for golf storage
Review: we live on a golf course so we have accumulated quite a bit of golf equipment and I needed storage! This was super easy to put together and has plenty of storage. I highly recommend this!

Reviewer: ALewis
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Golf Organizer
Review: The organizer is easy to put together. It's sturdy but easy to move around. Great for keeping our bags up and out of the way. We can keep all of our golf gear in one area now and organized neatly.

Reviewer: Golf 365
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Keeps a lot of golf stuff in one place
Review: I found this cart to be very easy to assemble. I like that it lets me put a lot of my golf stuff in one place. I probably need two of these to accommodate all of my and my significant other's stuff, but this is a great help. I especially like the storage shelves on the side as it lets me keep golf related paraphernalia in one place rather than on several other garage shelves. The wheels are a nice touch as they elevate the cart a bit and actually give you an additional storage area for very thin items. I would have liked it if the bottom could be raised a little higher to make that area more useful. I am thinking of putting in additional shelves over the cart as that space is not currently used. Very nice product.

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