TP-Link Tapo 1080P Indoor Security Camera for Baby Monitor, Dog Camera w/Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio Siren, Night Vision, Cloud & SD Card Storage, Works w/Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C100)

Tp-Link Tapo 1080P Indoor Security Camera For Baby Monitor, Dog Camera W/Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio Siren, Night Vision, Cloud & Sd Card Storage, Works W/Alexa & Google Home (Tapo C100)
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Protect your home with the Tapo C100 smart indoor security camera Wi-Fi. Featuring crystal-clear 1080P high-definition video, it captures every detail inside your home. Receive instant push notifications when motion, a person, or baby crying is detected from this baby camera monitor, all without additional fees. Monitor your home day and night with up to 30ft of night vision using the integrated IR sensor. Utilize the 2-way audio with a built-in siren to use as a pet camera with the phone app and deter intruders. Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, simply use voice commands to view the Tapo indoor security camera live stream on Echo Show or Google Chromecast with a screen. Store footage continuously on a microSD card up to 512 GB (not included) or subscribe to Tapo Care for cloud storage, offering a 30-day video history and additional benefits such as motion tracking and baby crying detection. [Before purchasing a microSD card, please check the TP-Link website FAQ to ensure compatibility with your device.]
【Motion Detection & Instant Notification】Get instant push notifications when motion, person or baby crying is detected, there is no additional fee to use it as a baby camera monitor. Discern from notifications that matter, so you'll know if its your pet playing around or if someone is actually there.
【2-Way Audio w/ Built In Siren】Never truly leave home with the built-in 2-way audio. Use as a pet camera with phone app to comfort your pet from anywhere in the world. Keep your family safe with cameras for home security indoor by warding off intruders.
【Night Vision up to 30 Ft.】Never miss a thing that goes on, even at night thanks to the integrated IR system on this indoor camera which provides 30 feet of night vision.
【1080P FHD】Capture every detail inside your home with crystal-clear 1080P high definition video with this indoor security camera. Easily see what your baby is holding or what your pet is playing with.
【Works w/ Alexa & Google Home】Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, use your simple voice command to view Tapo indoor security camera live stream on Echo Show or Google Chrome Cast with a screen. Easily get your home security footage up on a larger TV display.
【Secure Local or Cloud Storage】Save footage continuously on up to a 512 GB microSD card (not included) or subscribe to Tapo Care for cloud storage which saves 30-day video history and provides additional benefits such as motion tracking, baby crying detection, and more. [Before purchasing a microSD card, please check the TP-Link website FAQ to ensure compatibility with your device.]


Customers say

Customers like the quality, ease of setup, and of the security camera. For example, they mention it has great quality, is easy to connect to, and is a good investment for the price. Customers also like the image quality, and motion detection. That said, some complain about connectivity issues and lag. Opinions are mixed on sound quality, performance, and other features.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Peggy King
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Impressed
Review: 39 weeks pregnant. I definitely did not feel like doing much but my husband has been swamped with doing all the things! So. I tried to install, download and set up these cameras by myself. It was so user friendly and done within ten minutes or less. The picture quality is wonderful, the sound is clear, the app is stress free. For someone who spent up to 5K on their last security cameras from a major corp. these are affordable and essential. We will be buying more!

Reviewer: Eliot Prescott
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Excellent picture. Local SD card recordings are accessible remotely via the app.
Review: Got tired of paying monthly subscription fees for my other cameras. So I bought four of these, together with a 128 gig microSD card for each one. The cameras record onto the cards only when they detect motion, and I can use the app to access the recordings. Works like a charm. And the resolution of these cameras is dramatically better than the FHD / 1024 cameras I had before. Absolutely worth the upgrade. I already had a lot of TP-Link smart switches, and the Tapo app I downloaded for the cameras automatically brought over all the TP-Link devices, so now I have one app to do everything. Super convenient. The TP-Link / Tapo ecosystem has worked very well for me — cameras, switches, smart bulbs, etc.

Reviewer: Online Shopper
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: So far, So good
Review: Recently installed the 4-camera pack.It detects every bit of movement and is sensitive to sound – which is good as we are using it for a senior in our family.If they move, it notifies us.If they moan, it picks it up as a Baby Cry notification.Like that we can view all 4 cameras on one screen.As tiny as the cameras are, they offer some good qualities.Able to perch them up high or low and rotate them with ease.The daylight images are quite clear and capture a wide viewing area.The nighttime is ok. It could be clearer but you are able to detect someone moving.There is a slight delay when talking via the Talk option. You may also use the Call option which is a bit more clearer and has less lag.The volume on the speaker is not very loud. They have to be a bit close to the speaker in order to hear you. The alternative is to talk slow and quite loud.The alarm is good with the flashing light and sound. But, if someone is in another area of the house and if they have their door closed, they may not be able to hear it. With having the 4-pack, you may try to sound all of the alarms at the same time if you want to try to get someone's attention who may not be nearby (haven't tested this yet).We did not sign up for the storage option.May consider using the micro cards, if storage is something we want in future.The app does allow you to take pictures and record video as you view, which you may save to your smartphone.Overall, it is a good investment for our need (offsite eyes on our loved one) with the added home security bonus.

Reviewer: Tiffany
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Amazing Motion Detection, Not So Great Human Detection
Review: CONS:-needs to be plugged in so if you want to use it outside, there needs to be a plug inside that’s close enough to be able to place the camera wherever you want it. I had to nail mine to the door frame all the way near the ground to be able to reach. Barely long enough. If you unplug it, it goes off.- I had to walk up to the camera ten times before it registered as a person standing in front of the camera to activate alarm. Also, detects humans when no humans are present- nor humans for that matter.PROS:-easy set up and simple instructions-app to monitor activity with 1 month free screenshots of all alarm activity-clear visual and audio-alarms goes off both on camera itself and on cell app when motion/baby cry/human is detected, depending on settings. Camera itself also flashes when alarm goes off-notification settings can be altered easily

Reviewer: A bit smaller than anticipated but still a treat to use. Does the job quickly and easily. Good price !
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Great lil security camera
Review: Price phenomenal , clear picture, easy to set up. I will be buying another.

Reviewer: Bridgette M. Barker
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Very easy set up, wide angle view
Review: This little camera is great. It includes mounting equipment, power cord, and the unit itself. It was super easy to set up and all the features work as promised. The image is clear and the two way works well. The alarm also works well. No complaints!

Reviewer: Kory.O
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Great security cameras for the price
Review: I have the installed in 4 places, they work great. Remember to remove the protective film off the lens before you install one in a hard to reach location. With the film on the night vision does not work well (haha), I left the film on by mistake on one, looked at it that night to see the coverage, looked like I was looking through an oil smeared glass.Setup was a breeze with the TAPO Link IOS App. Great range on the Wi-Fi, I have one in a detached garage, 40+ft away from the router through several walls, with zero loss of signal or video quality.

Reviewer: Amazon Customer
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Good for the price
Review: Works pretty good. Sometimes there's a connection issue but seems to reconnect after a few minutes

Reviewer: Viridiana
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Muy buena cámara, tiene buenos funcionamientos, tienes buena calidad en imagen, la visión nocturna es buena. Cuando configuras la detección de movimiento, solo grava la detección, por periodos de segundos. tiene una alarma en caso que veas algo sospechoso y quieras espantar a los intrusos. Se las recomiendo. el único detalle es que no tiene la opción de girar, pero tiene buen Angulo.

Reviewer: Sparconini
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: The photo you see is from the Tapo app, taken at night, during a fairly heavy snowstorm in Quebec Canada ey! The camera is setup in the bedroom, so picture is seen through a window, not bad ey! I also own an Ezviz indoor camera(CN6060 I believe) setup through a window also, but the light on the camera reflects in the window so I can't see anything at night.Tapo says night vision extends to 30 ft, but as you can see, houses on the other side of the street are at least 75 feet away and you can still see them, although I am sure streetlights help a lot. Night detection is 30 feet, maybe more. I set up the camera to detect persons only, and it works fine as long as persons step on my property. It does detect some persons on the street, if they walk on my side of the street.Audio is decent too, have not really used it, but did hear my wife that was standing at least 15 feet away from the camera. She made me turn audio off, camera is in the bedroom after all! :- ISetup is very easy, done in 10-15 minutes on both iPad and iPhone. This thing is so light, I taped it to the top of the window, upside down, adjusted the angle, reversed the picture in the app and I was done.You can view the camera feed on a computer through VLC player (VideoLan, it's free to download). You need to setup a separate, free Tapo account account for this, I have read somewhere in the Tapo help that you can do everything with one account, but it did not work for me. Doc should be made clearer about this. After 3 days, the feed does not show on VLC anymore (still works fine on iPhone and iPad), but I will reboot eventually and it will probably work again. I need to input username and password in VLC everytime I want to see the feed, maybe I will dive into the VLC help and automate this.I have bought a micro SD card (128Gb max for this model) and will install it soon. Doc says that if you put in a card, the feed to external device (VLC in this case) will not work. I hope this is not the case, will see.Best part is that no membership is required. You get a 30-day free trial, but external feed will not work with membership or free trial, so I cancelled it before trying it out, so I can`t comment on membership.There is a 2K and maybe even 4K model of this camera, but since I own over 20 smart devices, my Wifi is not as fast as it used to be, Full HD is enough for now.This is a great camera, even more so if you're new to smart devices. I will probably buy a few more soon, especially if it stays or goes on sale again. ”Alexa, show me camera two”!Update Jan 23rd: Viewing the camera stream through VLC player stopped working after 2-3 days, VLC cannot connect to the camera. I setup Agent DVR free software instead and it works OK, but the picture is a bit grainy, but it does record detected persons automatically.Update Jan 28 2024: I have seen a review that says you have to pay the subscription fee for motion detection to work, this is not true. Motion detection (I set it to person detection only) works fine, I get a notification on my phone (see photo in french cause my iPhone is set to french) when a person is detected.

Reviewer: rola
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Only issue some times while reviewing the recording in app you find few seconds of interrupted like cutter off recording ! Not much of deal for me as I use it internally so I know what it missed !

Reviewer: Teezack
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Authentic and well packed. Thanks

Reviewer: Gerardo Mendoza Valle
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Primera vez que compró cámaras de seguridad. Este modelo (C 100) y esta marca (TAPO) me pareció muy bueno, no conozco otras, por lo bien que se ve la imagen y sus funciones:un zoom muy bueno; audio bidireccional puedo hablar con alguien cerca de la cámara en mi casa estando yo fuera y lejos; me envía notificaciones de movimiento que puedo configurar a mi gusto o desactivar; la app TAPO es gratis y guarda el red de internet y la clave de modo que no hay que buscarla ni escribir la clave cuando añadimos una nueva cámara; la configuración de las cámaras es muy sencilla; la app permite la opción de guardar en la nube lo que la cámara graba o se puede grabar en micro SD (hasta 128 gb) en la cámara; la configuración de una nueva cámara es muy rápida (6 minutos me llevó y 2 minutos es de la actualización del firmware y se hace sola) gracias a que la app guarda los datos de la red; trae tornillos y un papel marcado donde se deben hacer los hoyos para colocarla; una vez colocada en la pared se puede dirigir hacia donde uno quiere.Es una cámara fija, no sigue el movimiento, pero eso era lo que yo quería. Algo sencillo y económico que me permitiera ver en tiempo real lo que pasa en el interior de mi casa.Sugerencias/Tips:1.- Primero configuren cada cámara y luego las colocan. El celular debe estar cerca de la cámara durante la configuración. Pueden usar el mismo cable a toma corriente para todas las cámaras durante la configuración de cada una.2.- Desconecten la(s) cámara(s) que ya configuraron cuando configuren una nueva.En resumen me parece que el beneficio que se obtiene supera el precio que se paga!Ahora falta conocer su funcionamiento a largo plazo…

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