They Found a Tiny Home in the Catskills: an Original Bolt-Together House

They Found a Tiny Home in the Catskills: an Original Bolt-Together House

Imagine stumbling upon a rare species in the wildβ€”an original bolt-together house hidden away in the Catskill Mountains. Gemma and Nick Warren had been searching for a weekend house that fit their budget for years, but with no luck. Then, in a fateful website-browsing session, they discovered a cabin in Delancey, NY, priced at $65,000. The catch? This 192 square-foot home lacked heating and a toilet. Despite its humble condition, the property boasted 6.8 acres of lush land, a babbling creek, and a stunning view of the surrounding forest. Read on to learn more about this find and how the Warrens turned it into their dream getaway.

Discovery of the Catskills

Imagine sitting over a cup of , scrolling through listings, and dreaming of a weekend getaway in the picturesque Catskill Mountains. This was a familiar scene for Gemma Warren and her husband Nick, who fell in love with the region's beauty while living in Brooklyn. The scented forests, sunny meadows, and icy streams of the Catskills captivated their hearts.

However, despite their deep desire to own a weekend house in the Catskills, Gemma and Nick struggled to find a property that fit their budget. Frustrated, they made a bold decision and relocated to Tulum, Mexico, a place that embodied their love for the sun and ocean. They continued to work remotely and enjoy a different kind of beauty.

The Search for a Weekend House

Even though they had moved to Tulum, the allure of the Catskills continued to beckon Gemma and Nick. One fateful weekend, while browsing real estate websites, Gemma stumbled upon a listing that caught her eye. It was a cabin in the quiet hamlet of Delancey, situated in the western Catskills. The price tag read $65,000, which seemed incredibly affordable compared to other options they had seen.

The cabin, however, lacked some basic amenities like heating and a toilet. Nick lovingly referred to it as a “shack” due to its humble nature. Despite its shortcomings, the cabin was set on 6.8 acres of land, surrounded by magnificent old trees and tall grasses. The icing on the cake was a babbling creek that flowed next to the cabin, creating a soothing soundtrack of nature. Through a large picture window, one could gaze upon the water and the forest beyond.

Moving to Tulum

Seeing the potential in this property, Gemma and Nick decided to take the leap and purchase the cabin in Delancey. They were no strangers to uprooting their lives, having already made a drastic move from Brooklyn to Tulum. With a sense of adventure and a vision for what their weekend retreat could become, they packed up their bags, bid farewell to Tulum, and began their new chapter in the Catskills.

Finding a Cabin in Delancey

Settling into their new cabin in Delancey was a dream come true for Gemma and Nick. The quiet hamlet provided the perfect backdrop for their weekend getaways, surrounded by untouched natural beauty. They marveled at the tranquility, thankful for the respite it offered from their bustling lives.

They Found A Tiny Home In The Catskills: An Original Bolt-Together House

Description of the Cabin

While small in size, measuring just 192 square feet, the cabin possessed a charm that was hard to resist. Its rustic appearance and simple design added to its allure. Gemma and Nick affectionately referred to it as an “original bolt-together house,” a rare example of a popular 1970s architectural style. It was a reminder of a bygone era, an homage to simpler times.

The Property and Surroundings

What truly set this cabin apart was its idyllic location amidst nature. Surrounded by 6.8 acres of land, it offered Gemma and Nick the serenity they had longed for. The property was a sanctuary for wildlife, with old trees providing shelter for birds and small animals. Tall grasses gently swayed in the breeze, adding to the sense of tranquility.

Located next to the cabin was a beautiful creek, its gentle babbling bringing a sense of calm to the air. Gemma and Nick often found themselves sitting on the porch, listening to the soothing melody of the water as it flowed past. The vast expanse of forest beyond the creek provided a stunning backdrop, reminding them of the beauty and power of nature.

They Found A Tiny Home In The Catskills: An Original Bolt-Together House

Challenges and Limitations

While the cabin possessed undeniable charm, it was not without its challenges and limitations. The lack of heating and a toilet presented practical problems that needed to be addressed. Gemma and Nick knew that they had their work cut out for them, but they were determined to transform the cabin into a livable space.

The Potential and Vision

Despite the challenges, Gemma and Nick could see the incredible potential this cabin held. They envisioned a cozy and functional retreat, where they could escape the busyness of their lives and reconnect with nature. This vision fueled their determination to overcome the limitations and make their dream a reality.

They Found A Tiny Home In The Catskills: An Original Bolt-Together House

Renovation and Upgrades

With a clear vision in mind, Gemma and Nick embarked on a renovation journey to turn their cabin into a comfortable home. They tackled the lack of heating by installing a wood-burning stove, which not only provided warmth but also added to the rustic charm of the cabin. A composting toilet was also installed, ensuring that the cabin would now be equipped with the necessary facilities.

Making the Cabin Livable

Beyond the essential upgrades, Gemma and Nick invested time and effort into making the cabin livable. They adorned the walls with artwork and added cozy furnishings to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The small space was carefully curated to maximize functionality while still maintaining a sense of comfort and style.

They Found A Tiny Home In The Catskills: An Original Bolt-Together House

An Original Bolt-Together House

One of the most intriguing aspects of Gemma and Nick's cabin was its architectural style. Referred to as an “original bolt-together house,” it was a rare find in today's world. This particular design gained popularity in the 1970s but has since become a rarity. Gemma and Nick felt privileged to own a piece of architectural history and cherished the uniqueness it brought to their home.

Uniqueness and History

The cabin's status as an original bolt-together house added layers of uniqueness and history to Gemma and Nick's retreat. It was a reminder of a different era, when modular construction was in vogue, offering an affordable and efficient housing solution. The rarity of this architectural style made Gemma and Nick's cabin even more special and precious to them.

Practicality and Functionality

Living in a small space requires careful consideration of practicality and functionality. Gemma and Nick embraced the concept of living small in the Catskills, understanding that simplicity can bring great joy. Their cabin became a testament to their ability to adapt and find contentment in a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Living Small in the Catskills

Gemma and Nick's decision to embrace the concept of living small reflects a larger movement gaining momentum worldwide, known as the tiny house movement. People are increasingly drawn to the idea of downsizing and living with less. The Catskills, with its abundance of natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, provide the perfect backdrop for those seeking a simpler way of life.

The Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement is a response to the growing desire for sustainability, financial freedom, and a reduced carbon footprint. With the rising cost of housing and the ecological impact of larger homes, more people are considering alternative living options. Tiny homes, like Gemma and Nick's cabin in Delancey, offer the perfect solution for those seeking a more intentional and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Growing Popularity of Tiny Homes

The popularity of tiny homes continues to grow as more individuals and families recognize the benefits of downsizing. From reducing living expenses to minimizing environmental impact, tiny homes offer a range of advantages. Gemma and Nick's decision to embrace this lifestyle choice in the tranquil setting of the Catskills highlights the appeal and feasibility of living small.

Future Plans and Expansion

While Gemma and Nick found immense joy and contentment in their tiny weekend retreat, they also have grand plans for the future. They envision expanding their property to create a sustainable retreat where others can experience the beauty and simplicity of living in the Catskills. Gemma and Nick's passion for the environment and their commitment to sustainability drive their desire to share their piece of paradise with others.

Creating a Sustainable Retreat

Gemma and Nick's dream of a sustainable retreat goes beyond expanding their property. They envision a place where guests can reconnect with nature, learn about eco-friendly practices, and experience the serenity of the Catskills firsthand. Their retreat will be a testament to their dedication to living harmoniously with the environment and inspiring others to do the same.

Lessons Learned

Throughout their journey of finding, renovating, and living in their tiny cabin, Gemma and Nick have learned valuable lessons. They have discovered the rewards of seeking unique and affordable housing options, as well as the importance of patience and persistence in turning a vision into reality. Their experiences have taught them to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and to value the opportunity to live close to nature.

Advice for Finding a Unique Home

For those seeking a unique and affordable home, Gemma and Nick offer valuable advice. They encourage individuals to think outside the box and explore unconventional housing options. By being open-minded and patient, one can find hidden gems that are both affordable and full of character. Gemma and Nick's story serves as a reminder that a dream home might be waiting in unexpected places.

The Warren’s Dream

Gemma and Nick's journey from Tulum to the Catskills is a testament to the power of following one's dreams. Their love for nature, design, and sustainability brought them to a tiny cabin in Delancey, where they found solace, joy, and a deep connection to the environment. Their cabin is a symbol of their dreams, their passion, and their determination to live life to the fullest.

Enjoying Life in the Catskills

Today, Gemma and Nick continue to enjoy their weekends in the Catskills, surrounded by the beauty and tranquility they fell in love with years ago. Their cabin is a sanctuary where they can escape the demands of daily life and immerse themselves in nature. Whether sitting on the porch, listening to the babbling creek, or exploring the vast forest that surrounds them, Gemma and Nick have found their own piece of paradise in the Catskills.

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