Safer Brand Home SH502-2SR 2 Indoor Plug-in Fly Traps for Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, and Other Flying Insects – 2 Traps + 2 Glue Cards

Safer Brand Home Sh502-2Sr 2 Indoor Plug-In Fly Traps For Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, And Other Flying Insects – 2 Traps + 2 Glue Cards
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Product Description

The Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap is a small but powerful solution for big insect problems. Whether you have flies, fruit flies, moths, or gnats, you can count on this trap for effective insect control. This value pack includes two traps and two glue cards so you can protect multiple areas of your home. Simply place a trap in any outlet where you've noticed insect activity, and it will immediately begin to attract and trap insects. The versatile design allows you to plug it into any standard outlet and rotate the trap as needed. The trap uses no chemical insecticides, making it the ideal choice for homes with children and pets. The Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap generates UV LED light which naturally draws in a wide variety of flying insects. Once insects are drawn in by the light, they get stuck fast to the StickyTech Glue Cards, where they are securely held until the time of disposal. Trapped insects are hidden on the back of the StickyTech Glue Card, so you and your guests never have to see them. The Safer Home Indoor Fly Trap was designed with ease of use in mind. Simply peel the backing off the StickyTech glue card and insert it into a trap. Plug the trap into any standard outlet near common insect hotspots, including near houseplants, exterior doors, pet areas, in kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas of your home. Allow the trap to run continuously for 24/7 protection. The trap is also reusable – replacement StickyTech Glue Cards are available for continued protection from insects.
Works Fast – The trap starts working immediately to attract, trap, and kill flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and more
Contains no chemical insecticides
Ideal for Your Home – These traps are the perfect choice for homes with children and pets
Protects Large Rooms – The UV LED light naturally attracts flying insects to the trap to protect large rooms
Discreet Design – Trapped insects are hidden on the back of the glue card, while the trendy design blends in with your décor
Easy to Use and Reusable – Simply insert a glue card and plug the trap in. The trap rotates to fit any indoor outlet. Refill glue cards are available for continued insect protection

Product Summary

Customers say

Customers like the ease of installation, quality and of the pest control device. For example, they mention it's easy to use, effective on more insects and looks decent. They appreciate performance, brightness, and smell. That said, some disagree on stickiness, and value.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Gibson
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Title: Call me impressed
Review: I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. Setup was a breeze, and I had the traps up and running in no time. By the next morning, I was delighted to find that it had already captured six bugs, including flies and gnats.The product includes two traps and two glue cards, which is a fantastic value. The design is discreet and fits well in any room without being an eyesore. Additionally, the traps are completely odorless, which is a big plus for indoor use.Overall, I highly recommend the Safer Home SH502-2SR for anyone dealing with pesky flying insects. It’s effective, easy to use, and offers excellent value for the price.**Pros:**- Easy setup- Effective trapping within hours- Discreet design- Odorless**Cons:**- Limited to indoor use only

Reviewer: Sugar
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Title: This bug trap really works!
Review: Living in the Deep South, we have microscopic flying insects called “no see ums.” They are more than annoying; they bite. But this little contraption attracts flying insects, including the ones you can’t see. Once attracted to the blue light, they stick to the cardboard insert. No more bites or annoying flying bugs.I also ordered the refill packet because the sticky cards are replaceable. When the card gets populated, you just take it out and put a new one in.These bug traps are very easy to use and have no odor.

Reviewer: M
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Title: Close to perfect
Review: I was an early adopter of the brand Zevo. I still have some of the original ones. I kept noticing they’ve redesigned their plug in and I really liked the look, but dang they’re expensive. I searched for an alternative on here and came across Safer Home at $12 cheaper for 2. Refills are much cheaper too! The design is simple but classy looking, looks like a nightlight. The light is bright, maybe even a little too bright for my bedroom. It’s a bit distracting but I need one in there so hopefully I’ll get used to it. It omits a pretty purple glow which is why I can’t be too mad at it because that’s my favorite color. Oh and it caught a few bugs within minutes of being plugged in so it works!

Reviewer: NoCalGal
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Great for fruit flies
Review: I live in Southern California and with so much rain this year we have lots of fruit flies around and they bite! 🙁 We've tried everything – cider vinegar, Terro traps. They kind of work but looking for something that would be more effective. Bought 4 of these and they are GREAT! You can see how many flies they catch. I read the reviews and most said it was good for smaller insects so I can say it works for small fruit flies and small moths. Not at all sure if it would catch larger flies. But for what I need it's perfect.My ONLY complaint is that these work based on the light attracting them. So, they don't work during the day. It would be great to but a scent in them that attracted the flies (like a Glade plug in) PLUS the sticky surface. That way the scent could work in the daytime to attract them. Otherwise good product.

Reviewer: Melanie S.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: No more flying critters!
Review: This product is simple in its design, but works great. Tiny little black light LEDs attract the winged ones to what they believe will be a buggy rave. But nay! As they fly too close to the mesmerizing light, hoping for some dancing and mood altering goodies, BOOM! they're trapped in the sticky stuff. This has 100% cleared up our issue with those pesky party-loving fruit flies and a few other varmints.

Reviewer: Allee Crabb
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Helpful with gnats and fruit flies
Review: This thing is great and so easy to use. The cards pop out easily to replace and it’s not very big! The light is considerably bright, but we have it in an area out of the way.

Reviewer: Paula Midgley
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Works okay but doesn't attract flies like I thought it would.
Review: it's a great design but it doesn't seem like it attracts the flies like it should… it does attract a lot of small flying bugs, maybe gnats? But so far, I'm not totally impressed with it. I did keep the device and the refills and I am continuing to use them. Maybe it would work better in a room wihtout any other lighting at night. I do have a lot of night lights throughout the house, that could be why it doesn't attract bugs as well as it should.

Reviewer: Don Gray
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Basically flypaper with blue light.
Review: The device is quite simple. It plugs into a standard AC socket in your home and it makes a blueish purple light.Many but not all flying insects tend to like that light spectrum and will gravitate around it. The card attached to the device is essentially one-sided sticky fly paper. Any insect trying to get close to the light will likely walk over the lit up card surface facing the socket and become stuck there and die. The appeal of already dead insects on a card will often attract even more. You occasionally replace the card when it is covered in dead insects or when the sticky material no longer works.Many bugs could care less about blue light and will 1st go to the tastiest source of food first. Most insects are also attracted to the carbon dioxide you breath out. Also lights nearby that are brighter than this will attract the insect first. These traps work best in a dark room with no other lights and no snacks available to them. If you are providing sources of food or sweaty people or pets or other light distractions, youll find these useless. These will tend to trap those insects curious about the light. Also large flies will sometimes just rip their trapped legs off on the sticky area and fly away to live another day. So depending on your type of flying bugs and their feeding habits, you may or may not catch anything with these.For me here in AZ, we get tiny little brown gnats that come in the cracks in doorways or dry drains and constantly buzz human faces for that CO2 hit they crave. They are attracted to lights and land all around them. They are so tiny and fast that swatting them is almost impossible. We have ponds within a block or two and so they hatch there and then seek out the lights elsewhere. I can fill one of those hanging fly strips in a month. But those fly strips are ugly and smell bad. I sure wouldnt have a big fly strip where anyone can see the dead bugs or where there is food cooked or consumed. I plugged in one of these devices in my kitchen and one in my bathroom and one in my living room and one in my bedroom.They work for trapping these tiny annoying gnats. This device serves the same purpose as a fly strip with the added benefit of a light attracting them to it. The ugly dead bug side of the card faces the wall socket. You only see what looks like a night light and white card. You wont likely even notice it in the daytime.While I don't like having to pay $25 or so for refills, I hate gnats buzzing me more. Usually within an hour of a gnat getting inside, its found its way to the trap. Although I havent tried it, you could probably also stick some sort of dry bait to the card to further entice their interest.I did deduct 1 star because it isn't foolproof and some flying insect types just dont care if it's there or not and will ignore it.

Reviewer: Roberto Rivera
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Llegaron en mal estado las trampas de pegamento; estaban pegadas una con otra

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