Polk Audio Signa S3 Sound Bar for TV & Wireless Subwoofer with Built-in Chromecast & Google Assistant, Low-Profile Design, Works with 8K, 4K & HD TVs, Bluetooth and Wireless Streaming

Polk Audio Signa S3 Sound Bar For Tv & Wireless Subwoofer With Built-In Chromecast & Google Assistant, Low-Profile Design, Works With 8K, 4K & Hd Tvs, Bluetooth And Wireless Streaming
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Product Description

The low-profile Signa S3 sound bar delivers an incredible, room-filling home theater experience. Built to work with any HD, 4K and 8K TV via HDMI ARC, the Signa S3 is easy to set up and can be controlled with a single remote. Features Polk-patented Voice Adjust technology for clear dialogue, and Dolby Digital decoding for immersive, performance-tuned surround sound. Comes equipped with a wireless subwoofer for deep bass impact. Plus, stream your favorite music with Chromecast built-in and Google Play Music, Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Roon, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal and many more. This narrow, sleek sound bar can fit in most spaces be it on a tabletop or a mantle and can also be wall mounted.
ULTRA-SLIM SOUNDBAR WITH WIRELESS SUBWOOFER – Features 2.1 channel performance-tuned drivers – (2) 1.25” x 4.4”oval mid- drivers & (2) 1” Tweeters, and the included 5.25” subwoofer delivers incredible room-filling sound with deep bass
POLK'S EXCLUSIVE VOICE ADJUST TECHNOLOGY & Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding helps maximize sound clarity & reduces voice delays. Hear clear, crisp dialogue of your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events with three distinct settings
EXCELLENT SOUND AND VALUE on par with any mid- to high- sound bars available in the market. At 2″ tall, the Signa S3 fits most spaces — easily wall-mount it or place in front of your TV. It won't block your TV's bottom edge or IR remote sensor
UPGRADE YOUR HOME THEATER SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM – Watch your favorite shows on your 4K and 8K HD Smart TV with exceptional picture quality & clear sound. With numerous connection possibilities, plug in any audio source via HDMI ARC, optical input & 3.5mm audio jack
WIRELESSLY STREAM MUSIC from your favorite streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and more from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices via Bluetooth, or use Google Chromecast to listen to music over Wi-Fi with your Google Home speaker
SET UP YOUR SOUND BAR IN MINUTES — the included HDMI and optical cables quickly connect your TV and subwoofer to the sound bar

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Customers say

Customers like the dialogue quality of the speakers. They say the voice enhancement option is amazing and provides clearer dialogue on modern movies. They also like the ease of setup, saying it's fast and easy to connect to the soundbar. Customers also like that it'a solid speaker system and well made. However, some customers have reported that the sound bar turns itself off when not in use. are mixed on bluetooth connectivity.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: L. E. Malka
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Amazing
Review: I am not a sound expert, but we have Bose and other highly rated sound products at the house, and this unit is absolutely outstanding. It’s connected to my Sony Bravia A80L. The TV has an interactive wizard that discovered the unit and configured it easily. Make sure to connect via the TV HDMI-3 port. Also I love the remote and how base can be controlled so easily. Also love how it pairs to my iPhone so fast and I can stream via Airplay. The unit is sleek, the base is great, clarity, volume, everything is top notch. The old time players (Bose) have a brand name but after reading reviews about them I took a chance with this unit and it paid off.Highly recommended.

Reviewer: David Robe
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: This Sound Bar Is Great ! ( Real Reviewer )
Review: I just bought a Sony X93L with Dolby Atmos capability. Not a cheap TV. I knew I wanted a sound bar system for my living room that would do it justice. I looked & listened to sound systems by Sony, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, LG, Visio to name a few. Im a child of the 70s and grew up through the old school speakers with LOUD & LARGE surround sound home theater set ups. I love hearing all the small details around me. If i had unlimited cash I'd spent few grand on one of those systems. But i don't have that kind of money …. really I don't need that much sound system in my living room. I wanted a sound bar that would give separate bass and separation of some left and right and center channels and sound solid for movies, music and dialog. I didn't want a cheap sound either. When I listen to the brands i named before i honestly wanted to be impressed …. but just wasn't. It sounded good but many with a bar and sub together would be at least a $1000. Some much more. I came across this Polk Signa S4 and read the reviews. Polk has made solid sound for a long time. I took a chance and I'm glad i did. This sound bar is GREAT ! The build is very nice and solid. Remote is small and plastic but has very usable buttons especially the separate sound and bas volumes. Set up was fast, all needed cords included. It has very excellent center voice clarity. The other channels are distinct and create a wall of sound that “reaches out in to room before your TV and shifts left, right and up and down”. It sounds really good and when your add the sub the bass flows in well but is also distinct and can be adjusted easily with the remote. If you want some bass rumble for those movies or thump for concert bass lines it can do it well. Is this system a full surround 7.1 plus sound experience? NO ! But you can really hear the shifts in channels reaching out in front of you from the array of speakers projection left, right, center and up. I personally found the bass in the front to the side of the bar by the TV is really good. But for me i placed the sub woofer behind me and got some really nice “surround like” feel that pulled all those sound bar channels all together to a more full room experience. Im totally satisfied and recommend this system. The price was $299 vs $1000 plus for some of the others. Amazon offered me a $200 gift card to sign up for their credit card making this sound bar cost $100. I was sold at $299 but at $100 it was a steal. Try it …. its a great living room system with Great value for the price. I Love It!

Reviewer: Robert
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Easy, love the bass can be placed anywhere
Review: After buying one to test for a Christmas present I kept it and bought a second to give for Christmas. I had it 2 months now and love it. It's just nice to have a forward facing speakers in general. Definitely can make you feel like you have surround sound. The bass isn't amazing but it is enought to support the sound and keep it's quality.At first I was getting irritated finding a volume that was between waking up everyone in house and not being able to hear conversations in tv shows. The remote volume button increased by 3 with just a touch of the volume it made me upset because the middle was the perfect setting. I ended up holding down the volume up button and the mute button for like 10 seconds and then tried holding down vol up and down at same time for ten seconds. A combination of or one of the buttons I was long pressing fixed the volume so it only goes up one increment at a time and adjusting placement of the soundbar and the subwoofer thing I bought 4 different kinds of soundbars when one came with damaged shipping box and blown crackling speakers, 2 out of the four speakers made messed up noises. I almost went with Samsung but they are always over priced for the same equipment as cheap model, at least they do that with their Chromebooks. Their phones, even caught not spending money for the security updates we have to install every month, and instead of security updates it was basically a program that changed icon shapes and small things like that to show it did work, only releasing the real security updates at the end of the entire year. Everyone with a Samsung phone and all 600 pre-installed apps at risk of security breach and identity theft unknowingly, my Google phone came with 70 pre-installed apps needed for phone function and works better, faster, clearer and stays connected to bluetooths without constant error notices inability to stay connected long enough to complete a task, I make great video calls and my Samsung Note 10+ dropped every call ever made with wifi calling turned on, constant breaches due to an enormous amount of junk apps and the very many unnecessary platforms that come in Samsung note and galaxy phones, their are always 3rd parties recieving information from texts and media messages, running Samsung, Google, outlook, Microsoft, Bixby, Google assistant, yahoo, free itunes account 6mnths free music, Alexa, Cortana. Internet browsers came with chrome, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, had to download Firefox too. Had to have a Samsung account ending with a outlook email addy, also need to share a Google account to Samsung and combine saved info, everything gets put all over the place photos and documents show up in 4 or 5 different places being saved in your phone to , Google drive, Google photos, Samsung photo gallery, internally in Samsung folders, onedrive, and downloads, Verizon(if u have), Adobe Acrobat pdf reader, Adobe cloud, my files app. So anyway after 4 other soundbars large and bulky, one without the subwoofer for bass that just rattled the bar speakers, and one that wasn't easy to set up and too bulky and none of them have as good sound quality as Dolby digital, I bought a better optical cable which is the only connection to the tv. I didn't use HDMI cable or optical cable they send because if it wasn't twisted or fit in just right the sound would go in and out and make that white noise or popping sound. It wasn't really bad just could have used the HDMI cable they sent but for some reason I had hard time I had an optical cable I bought for a printer/fax/scanner I bought I never knew what it was for…It's so so nice to hear my tv with a front facing speaker!!! I can actually hear the TV all the words without blasting it so all the sound facing back behind the TV no one in front of tv can hear it well and everyone in other side of tv can't hear anything other than the tv… I thought my hearing was going bad for a while. My ex was yelling at her dad his tvs back faces the hall of apartment complex. That's when I noticed that the new TV's being made have back speakers impossible to hear without it being too loud in the back. Tried cardboard and foam to block sound and bounce back to me. No more of that now.My Polk signa Dolby soundbar is clear and great quality I find the sweet spot being in the voice adjust buttons low voice is 1, loudest voice adjust setting is 3. Voice adjust 2 is my favorite setting with bass turned down just a few and volume turned up 2 notches. My other favorite is the night mode turned up volume just a little. I can finally understand more than gunfire and explosions and crashes now I can hear what they are saying on the tv too. I love how slim this soundbar is, not as easy to damage doesn't block my remote sensor on bottom of tv, can wall mount without worry of it being too heavy or big. If you find yourself having to make adjustments to volume more than you would prefer to have to do, then consider moving your soundbar and separate bass system to different loctions. Maybe set in front of tv should be changed to mounted on wall just above tv and bass somewhere close to the tv my bass is set to the side but kind of behind the TV on the tv stand and I mounted mine just above the tv far enough the remote reaches it from my sitting angles and it's been way better than when I put it in front of tv. Great sound quality from the small soundbar shocked me enough to want to buy one for my father. Luckily it was on sale because I do think that 250 bucks is too much for this system. Especially the quality of the subwoofer sure it adds a bit of needed bass but only low low level because this subwoofer just makes everything muffled, at the right setting with volume it does a good job making your tv viewing a happy time with good clear sound. Any speakers with Dolby digital sound you can pretty much count on decent sound quality. It's not Bose but for the price I feel it's just as good. I have strange issues though, years of work has made it hard for me to hear anyone speaking to me if I can't clearly see them, it's like I have to be close enough to read their lips to hear them clearly. If I am not close enough to see the words their mouths form it just sounds like everyone is mumbling nonsense and made up words all day, but at the same time I suffer from sensory issues that have to do with sound and their pitch or frequency and what the sound is. Electric outlets plugs phone chargers light bulbs I can hear them all running. High pitch frequency both my parents could not hear my little sister couldn't hear it and neither could my older sister, to me it was like the highest piercing noise that ignited an immediate emotional reaction of pure hate and rage that noise made me want to dig my brain out through my ears. It was coming from a clothes dryer that had a problem with the belt or gears that spin it. I almost was put on psych hold after the rage hit again and I shoved the dryer on its back and started beating it while screaming at my mother for running it while I was home. My little stunt brought that high pitch squeeling down and now everyone but my dad could hear it. Thank goodness mom knows I'm bipolar but this experience wass new to me. And different noises have different responses that I can't control. A buzzing street light across the street and down the road to the 4th house the street lamp on the corner was new looking like an LED lamp. I could hear it in my house 5 bedroom 2 bath 3 story home I could hear the buzzing from that street light that sound caused and anxiety and serious need to find what's making that noise and stop it. I thought it was the hornets I didn't see any nests yet so I figured they got in the walls that year and had my ear against every wall looking for a warm buzzing area In the walls. Then at 3a.m. in gross pajamas and socks no shoes I wandered around my house down to the pond at the park up on my neighbors porch inspecting the pool filters that were running thinking that could be it it took me 2 hours of searching for this buzzing that seems to be coming from everywhere. Until finally I realized 4 new street lamps were looking like energy saving LEDs or something and only one was buzzing like that so far away no one believes me that I could hear it in my room watching TV windows doors storage and all the house in between me and that light. I'm on 3rd floor up high with the street lamps I think that's why I could hear it like it was in my walls. Once I got outside the noise was coming from above me and I could hear it so clearly from so far away it took me forever to find the source of this anxiety inducing noise I couldn't turn off. Causing such anxiety no other thoughts but making it stop could come into mind, going around the neighbors homes yards porches pools round and around staring up at the sky at 3a.m. Finally I smartened up bought noise cancelling headphones!!! Anyway I love the different adjustments to the volume that can be made with six different modes and can move the bass and volume as you need to adjust. I switch between voice adjust 2, and night mode lower the bass. I'm very happy with this purchase just maybe spend a few bucks in a really good cable to connect it because even though they included multiple ways to connect this soundbar, a better quality optical cable and a proper HDMI enhanced audio or whatever I went with a 10 dollar opticalOptical Audio Cable 10ft/3M, iVANKY Slim Braided Audio Cable, Digital Optic Cord,Toslink Cable, Aluminum Shell, Gold-Plated for Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Samsung, Vizio – CL3 RatedAmazon'sImproved sound quality by a LOTChoicein Optic Cables by IVANKY

Reviewer: Sara
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: This sound bar is amazing, i have had no problems with it, its simple and easy to use. Only one wish is that i wish i could connect bluetooth speakers to pair with it. But thats not a issue, it still was worth every penny!

Reviewer: Oz
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: La calidad de sonido de este sistema es muy buena y es muy sencilla la instalación, solo se conectan los cables de alimentación, el cable HDMI, el cable óptico y listo. El control remoto es muy fácil de utilizar, solo con oprimir un botón activas el sonido tanto para modo cine, música o nocturno. Sin duda es un equipo de sonido que vale la pena, siendo una barra delgada y el subwoofer (inalámbrico) pequeño, brindan un sonido claro y de bajos potentes.

Reviewer: Ives Saddai Amaya Ruiz
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Muy bueno, buen sonido, bajos profundos y sonido claro. Volumen exelente, buen tamaño , muy práctico muy recomendable 👍

Reviewer: Micaela Natal RN
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Melhor custo benefício sem dúvidas qualidade sem tamanho

Reviewer: karel
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Review: heeft enkele beperkingen maar ik ben relatief tevreden.indien nieuwe model niet veel duurder, koop dan beter dat

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