Palmetto Electric VP Files False Criminal Report Against Customer to Force Smart Meter Compliance

Palmetto Electric Vp Files False Criminal Report Against Customer To Force Smart Meter Compliance

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Beaufort, SC – Wilson Saleeby, Vice President, Engineering and Operations at Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc. filed a complaint with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, leading to a February 5, 2018 arrest of customer Elizabeth Michelle Mancini. The police report states the deputies responded “in reference to stolen property,” and lists as an additional offense, “Utilities/Altering, tampering, by passive utility meters.” 

Mr. Saleeby used his home address and a non-office phone number with no established voice mailbox, to file the complaint.

Ms. Mancini had been communicating with Palmetto Electric for over two years to have her “smart” meter removed and replaced with an analog meter for reasons that included medical necessity. The meter was creating issues including burning sensations, weight loss, and increased sensitivity to pulsed RF (radio frequency) radiation.

In 2016, knowing Palmetto Electric is part of an electric cooperative, Ms. Mancini communicated with Palmetto's CEO Beryl Davis, Palmetto's attorney Danny Henderson, and Mr. Saleeby, as to whether she could petition cooperative members to offer an opt-out provision. The attorney responded that Palmetto had no process, by petition or otherwise, to alter how Palmetto handles their integrated system of “smart” meters, and “no plans to change the present methodology.”

After making numerous calls, emails and getting nowhere, Ms. Mancini sent multiple legal notices via certified mail to Palmetto's CEO and attorney. Her notices included an offer to report analog meter readings monthly so that Palmetto did not have to perform field service to do on-site visual readings. When Palmetto failed to rebut her allegations of unsafe metering, she hired a contractor to replace the “smart” meter with an analog meter. She safely shipped the two-way communication device via UPS to the CEO, receipt acknowledged, six days before the arrest.

On February 2, 2018, Ms. Mancini had a lengthy phone conversation with Beaufort County Sheriff, P.J. Tanner, while three armed officers were at her door. She explained that she was trying to protect her and , had returned the meter with photos of readings, and that no electricity or property was stolen.

Then, on February 5, officers came back. Officer Garst told her an arrest warrant would be served at the jail, climbed over a gate, and put Ms. Mancini in cuffs. Listen here to the surviving portion of the arrest recording:

Officer Garst ordered a physical search of Ms. Mancini, invaded her home, questioned her about being a member of a political group she had never heard of, and referred to her as “The Prisoner.” While in custody, the Beaufort County Detention Center continued Palmetto Electric's assault on her and person with a strip search, confinement with sick people, sleep deprivation, etc. Ms. Mancini is a Technical Writer who for years had a difficult to obtain, trusted citizen Secret security level clearance, issued by the federal government.

While jailed, a sheriff's deputy escorted a Palmetto technician onto Ms. Mancini's property to remove the analog meter. Ms. Mancini's returned home to find a new “smart” meter, secured with three padlocks on the service box.

It is unknown what property was allegedly stolen, since the analog meter was recording usage. It simply wasn't automatically communicating back and forth to Palmetto Electric thousands of times a month. Altering and/or tampering with an electric meter is a misdemeanor under SC statute SECTION 16-13-385, punishable by a fine of $500 or up to 30 days in jail. The next court date is scheduled for April 4, 2018.

Along with causing or increasing health problems, “smart” meters create “dirty” electricity on home wiring, and collect data on occupant without consent. The devices are also prone to catch fire, as evidenced in other states such as California that are experiencing problems and recalls.

Some countries, states, and localities have banned “smart” meters, or offered an opt-in or opt-out provision for those who do not want a microwave radiation-producing surveillance device on their property.

How can a Utility, supposedly created and existing to serve the public, use an armed police force to impose surveillance equipment and devices that cause harmful health effects upon its customers? If this can happen to a law abiding middle-aged woman for resisting a “smart” meter, what's next?

Let's stop this now. Get on board to help before they are at your door.


Smart Meter Data Analysis Enables Consumer Profiling with “Alarmingly High Accuracy”

(Dr. Dart)

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