Official Luna Wireless Controller Review

Official Luna Wireless Controller Review

Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with the Official Luna Wireless Controller. Built specifically for Luna, this controller provides seamless gameplay on a multitude of devices, including Windows, Mac, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, and Android. Thanks to Cloud Direct , you can enjoy low-latency gaming by connecting directly to 's custom game servers over WiFi. Plus, its versatile connectivity options—Bluetooth and USB—ensure you can play on virtually any device. With its ergonomic design, responsive controls, and voice-command capabilities, you'll be fully immersed in your favorite games. Just say, “Alexa, play Team Sonic Racing on Luna,” and let the fun begin! Have you ever faced the hassle of switching screens while gaming or felt the pain of high-latency gameplay? Well, say goodbye to those problems with the Official Luna Wireless Controller!

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Overview of the Official Luna Wireless Controller

Designed with both casual and hardcore gamers in mind, the Official Luna Wireless Controller is tailored for Amazon Luna, Amazon's innovative cloud gaming service. The controller is packed with features to enhance your gaming experience across multiple devices, from seamless screen switching to low-latency gameplay.

Built for Amazon Luna

This isn't just any ordinary controller; it's designed with Amazon Luna in mind. The Official Luna Wireless Controller provides the best possible experience you can have on Amazon's cloud gaming service. Whether you're into fast-paced action games or strategy games that require precision, this controller has got you covered.

Works Across Your Devices

Whether you are using Windows, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, or Android devices, the Luna Controller seamlessly integrates with all. No need to switch between different controllers for different devices. Just pair it and start playing.

Seamless Screen Switching

Imagine pausing your game on one device and picking up exactly where you left off on another device without any lag. The Luna Controller makes this possible, creating a truly unified gaming ecosystem. Whether you are gaming on your TV, tablet, or smartphone, the transition is smooth as butter.

Connectivity Options

Connect via WiFi

To enhance your gameplay experience, the Luna Controller connects directly to Amazon's custom game servers using Cloud Direct for ultra-low latency gameplay. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a smooth gaming experience.

Connect via Bluetooth

Want to use the Luna Controller on another Bluetooth-compatible device? No problem! Simply switch to Bluetooth mode and pair it with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device. This makes it versatile for gaming on non-Luna platforms as well.

Connect via USB

For those who prefer a wired connection, you can also connect the Luna Controller directly to your Windows or Mac devices using a USB cord. This way, you can ensure a stable and consistent connection for all your gaming needs.

Built for Gaming

Offset Thumbsticks

The design features offset thumbsticks that are ergonomically placed to offer comfort for extended periods of gameplay. This helps reduce fatigue and enhances precision.

Easy-Access Bumpers and Triggers

Gone are the days of stretching your fingers in awkward positions. The bumpers and triggers are easily accessible, making your gaming experience more comfortable and efficient.

Responsive Action Buttons

The action buttons are highly responsive, ensuring you never miss a beat, whether you're in the middle of an intense battle or navigating through complex menus.

4-Way Directional Pad

The 4-way directional pad offers tactile feedback and precise control, essential for navigating menus and performing movements in-game.

Launch Games with Alexa

With built-in Alexa support, you can easily launch games using voice commands. Just press the mic button and say something like, “Alexa, play Team Sonic Racing on Luna,” and you're all set.

Official Luna Wireless Controller

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Official Luna Wireless Controller

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Feature Breakdown

To give you a quick comparison of the Luna Wireless Controller's features, here's a comprehensive table for better clarity:

Feature Description
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Android devices
Screen Switching Seamless transition between devices
WiFi Connectivity Direct connection to Amazon's custom game servers
Bluetooth Connectivity Pairs with any Bluetooth-compatible device
USB Connectivity Wired connection to Windows or Mac devices
Ergonomic Design Offset thumbsticks, easy-access bumpers, responsive buttons
Alexa Integration Voice commands for launching games

Official Luna Wireless Controller

Personal Experience

Having tried the Official Luna Wireless Controller myself, I found it to be an absolute game-changer. The seamless switch between devices was one of my favorite features. Pausing my game on the Fire TV and immediately picking up where I left off on my tablet was incredibly smooth.

The low-latency gameplay made a noticeable difference, especially during fast-paced games. The ergonomic design provided hours of comfortable gameplay, and the responsive buttons ensured I was always in control. I even tried pairing it with my Windows PC and Mac using both Bluetooth and USB, and the connection was stable and reliable each time.

The added convenience of voice commands through Alexa was the cherry on top. Although I initially thought I wouldn't use this feature much, I quickly found it incredibly convenient.

Official Luna Wireless Controller

Pros and Cons


  1. Versatility: Works across various devices, providing a unified gaming experience.
  2. Low-Latency: WiFi connectivity to Amazon's servers ensures virtually no lag.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Comfortable for extended gameplay sessions.
  4. Alexa Integration: Adds the convenience of voice commands.
  5. Multiple Connectivity Options: WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB ensure you're covered in any scenario.


  1. Dependent on Amazon Services: Some features require Amazon Luna and may not work with other services.
  2. Price: Slightly on the higher end compared to some other controllers, but the features justify the cost.
  3. No Vibration Feedback: Lacks haptic feedback for those who prefer a more immersive experience.

Official Luna Wireless Controller

Final Thoughts

The Official Luna Wireless Controller is a feature-packed device that enhances your gaming experience, especially if you're an Amazon Luna user. Its versatility across various devices, combined with low-latency gameplay and ergonomic design, makes it a must-have for serious gamers.

While it may be somewhat dependent on Amazon's cloud gaming service for all its features, its ability to connect via Bluetooth and USB makes it extremely versatile. The minor lack of vibration feedback is easily overshadowed by its numerous other .

So, if you're in the market for a reliable, versatile, and seamless gaming controller, the Official Luna Wireless Controller should definitely be on your radar. Happy gaming!

See The Official Luna Wireless Controller In Detail.

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