LISEN Cell Phone Stand Adjustable Phone Holer for Desk, Home Office Aesthetic Desk Accessories for iPhone 15 Stand Essentials Fits All Mobile Phones, iPhone, Switch, Kindle, iPads, Tablet 4-10in

Lisen Cell Phone Stand Adjustable Phone Holer For Desk, Home Office Aesthetic Desk Accessories For Iphone 15 Stand Essentials Fits All Mobile Phones, Iphone, Switch, Kindle, Ipads, Tablet 4-10In
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TALLER AND MORE PHOTOGENIC STAND, HELP TO CORRECT THE “TEXT NECK”: This cell phone stand holder is in accordance with ergonomic design. Providing you comfortable viewing angle which helps to fix your posture and reduce neck & back strain. The height can be easily adjusted between 7.1in-8.5in(1.4in adjustable range), the angle is adjustable between 5°~85°
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: [No bent & tangling & tip over worries] when using while charging. Due to bent cable, the low phone dock maybe fall over. LISEN stylish adjustable phone holder for desk has a reserved charging hole design, supports cable management, [No bent & tangling & tip over worries]. This phone pad will not cover the subtitle when you watch the video
WEIGHTED ANTI-SLIP BASE: This cell phone stand for desk is equipped with a weighted base and an aluminum alloy rod. Therefore, this iPhone stand holder is stable enough to support all smartphones or small tablets, such as 2023 iPad Mini, iPhone 15 14 pro max 13 Pro/13 Mini/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini/iPhone 11/11 Pro/Max/X/MAX/XR/8/8P, Samsung Galaxy S22, S22, Note 10/9/8/Plus, S10/S9/S8, Kindel, Switch, iPad Mini,iPad Air, etc.We recommend the most stable compatible device size is 4-10 inchs
ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The pad back and the bottom of this cell phone stand are fully covered by anti-skid silicone, which LISEN iPad stand holder can provide maximum protection for your device from any scratches and slides, grips friendly
❤️WE CARE ABOUT YOU❤️: If the product arrives broken, or get broken within 365 days, please directly contact LISEN for satisfied solution. Any other problem like could not tighten the screw, please also contact us. We sincerely care about every customer's shopping experience! (Product including: phone stand*1, screw*1, hexagon screwdriver*1, *1)

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Customers say

Customers like the appearance, value, and performance of the portable electronic device stand. They mention that it looks good, is sleek, and serves a good purpose. They are also satisfied with adjustability, ease of assembly, and weight. That said, opinions are mixed on quality and stability.

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Customer Reviews

: Jimbo
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Works very well, great value, better than more expensive stands
Review: In this day and age of overpriced junk, finding a product that is worth even close to what the manufacturers ask is hard, so when one IS found it should be noted. This stand is simply great! It pivots, swivels and telescopes!!! I don't give many 5 star reviews, most of them are 3 or lower, but am very impressed with this stand. I use a wallet protector that isn't a quick release and this stand handles it with ease, I can open my phone and easily use it to text and it doesn't fall over, very stable. The lowest height accommodates any charging cord with no issues so using it while charging is also quite handy with no fuss. I have bought more expensive stands and by and large they are not well thought out or useful. This stand is the opposite, well thought out, well made and very useful. Highly recommend this stand!

Reviewer: C.M. Stetler
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: So handy!
Review: I bought this to replace the stand my laptop came with but had come loose and didn't work. I really like it and am happy to have purchased it. I often use it in the vertical stand rather than horizontal, and it works well this way. It stands well and is easy to access. It's a good height and I've often used my Kindle app on my phone to read using the stand. I ordered the green and it's a nice hunter green color.

Reviewer: Amazonlover
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: An In-Depth Look at the Nearly Flawless LISEN Cell Phone Stand: Versatility Meets Minor Shortcomings
Review: I’ve had the pleasure of incorporating the LISEN Cell Phone Stand into my daily routine for the last two weeks, and overall, I am very impressed with its diverse functionality, elegant design, and the durability it brings to the table. The stand has made multitasking a breeze and quickly became an indispensable part of my office setup. Given the extensive period over which I’ve tested it, under various conditions and for different devices, I feel quite comfortable bestowing upon it a well-deserved 4-star rating. I’d like to elaborate on multiple facets of this product that contribute to its overall high score.When it comes to phone stands in today’s digital age, these accessories are not just a convenience but, increasingly, a necessity. They serve as reliable bases for our smartphones or tablets during office Zoom meetings, or perhaps when we want to catch up on our favorite shows without holding the device. LISEN’s Cell Phone Stand seems tailor-made to fill this niche role in our digital lives, and for the most part, it does an outstanding job. Its overall aesthetic is modern and understated, making it a universal fit for any office or home environment. The sleek lines and the minimalistic design elements contribute to an air of professionalism and sophistication, making it a stand that you wouldn’t mind displaying prominently on your desk.Regarding the quality of the materials used in this product, it is immediately apparent that LISEN has opted for a build. The components are sturdy, offering the promise of lasting durability, which is of utmost importance for an item designed for daily use. In the long run, a durable build can make a significant difference, ensuring that the stand withstands the test of time and daily wear and tear.Now, let’s pivot towards performance, which is where the LISEN Cell Phone Stand truly shines. The articulating mechanisms for height and angle adjustments are impressively smooth and intuitive. This flexibility allows for a highly customizable viewing experience, from any angle and at varying distances. The stand lives up to its claim of being universally compatible by accommodating an extensive range of devices with different sizes and dimensions, thus fulfilling its promise effectively.One of the most commendable features of this stand is its durability, manifested in its exceptionally stable base. This ensures that there is no tipping or wobbling, even when the stand holds heavier devices. In other words, once you place your device on it, you can rest assured knowing it’s secure.👌 As far as fit goes, this stand is incredibly versatile. The holding grip is designed to securely accommodate devices ranging from 4 to 10 inches in size, without leaving any unsightly scratches or marks. This universal fit feature proves especially useful for families or individuals who own multiple devices of different dimensions.However, as is the case with any consumer product, the LISEN Cell Phone Stand isn’t entirely without its flaws. A minor issue I ran into involves the height adjustment knob, which at times, felt slightly resistant and required an extra push to lock securely into place. While this is a small drawback and not a deal-breaker by any means, it’s something that could be improved for an even smoother user experience.In summary, the LISEN Cell Phone Stand more than justifies its 4-star rating by offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, high-quality construction, superb performance features, and robust durability. While there are some minor issues, such as the height adjustment knob requiring a bit more force than expected to lock securely, these are easily overshadowed by its many positive aspects. If you are in the market for a versatile, reliable, and high-quality phone stand, I strongly recommend considering the LISEN Cell Phone Stand. Your search might just end here. Thank you for investing your time in reading this comprehensive review, and I hope it aids you in making an informed purchase decision.

Reviewer: Faz
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: very good , recommend it.
Review: I have one old one from another brand that is and is extremely sturdy and nice. But my son has taken it over and so I was looking for another holder to use next to my laptop. Bought another cheaper brand from amazon and was wobbly as hell… I came across this one and with good reviews, I decided to buy it. Really like this one and while still there is a slight wobble here an there, the quality for the price is fantastic.

Reviewer: David
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: It’s good for the price.
Review: The Color black is just fine for me, having Choice of colors to choose from is good as well. Functionality of the cell phone stand is just right for me, I can take anywhere I need to, just the right size, not to big, not to small, you can adjust the length you need it to be that’s right for you, it’s sturdiness, its foldable to your liking and for the price.. it’s worth it.

Reviewer: Vexx
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Easily the best stand I've bought
Review: It's sturdy but not super bulky which was amazing, and I love being able to adjust the stand and great pricing for it

Reviewer: Amazon Customer
Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Pretty standard
Review: It’s pretty much like any other phone stand. Only things I don’t like are the color of the silicone grip and the height. I bought the purple stand but the grip is red. It’s an eyesore :/ But that was my fault, it did show that on the pics I just didn’t pay attention. The lowest height adjustment is way too high so it ends up blocking things I need to see on my computer monitors.

Reviewer: Ruby70
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Works for what I need
Review: I bought this to keep on my nightstand so I can watch movies as I fall asleep. It works fine, its a bit cheaply made but I have had no issues with it. I have an iphone xr and it hold its without problem. I have not had it tip over and it has a bit of rubber on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. I like it

Reviewer: Joséefine
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Pour. Mon. iPad. Et. Mon. Cellulaire…très. Très. Pratique. La. Couleur. Très. Belle. Merci. Josée.

Reviewer: Catherine Mullett
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: This is an amazing product. Keeps my phone where I can see it. No more looking for my phone amongst the papers on my desk. Sturdy and practical.

Reviewer: Bronwen Hann
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Good quality perfect height and would definitely buy again

Reviewer: Rach
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: My husband bought this 1year back and we loved it. We even had guests complementing on this product. And it is worth every penny, because it does a good job. So this year I bought 2 more. One for workplace and another room in the house. The design is so good. I think it would look good in any type of interior setup you have at home or desk. I use it a lot in the kitchen and for video calling. Holds my heavy ipad with its sturdy cover well too. Highly recommend for any one. Assembling it is super wasy and packaging is decent too. 👌🏽5 on 5 from us. Its a good device to gift too.We recieved it a bit late than promised. But I was not in an urgency for this item. So its okay. The package arrived in good condition.

Reviewer: Martins
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Perfeito para a função!!

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