Jason McCarthy is a Man on a Rucking Mission

Jason Mccarthy Is A Man On A Rucking Mission

Jason McCarthy is a Man on a Rucking Mission

Jason McCarthy: A Man on a Rucking Mission

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Jason Mccarthy Is A Man On A Rucking Mission

Jason McCarthy and his wife Emily have several things in common. They have both served their country, Jason with the United States Army where he became a Green Beret and Emily through the CIA, they are both passionate about fitness, and they want to make a difference and be of service in as many ways as possible. One way they found serve those purposes was through rucking.

Rucking in its simplest form is walking a set distance with weight on your back. This form of is closely associated with the military, and it is considered the foundation of Special Forces training, but McCarthy thought it was something that the general population should be doing.

“We want to show people what they are capable of doing and should be doing,” he said. “That was what I learned from my mentors in Special Forces.”

 Jason McCarthy's Mission Behind Making the GoRuck

That mission is part of the reason why he and Emily started the company Goruck. McCarthy revealed there was more to it than that alone, though.

“Life circumstances led us to starting GORUCK,” he recalled. “Emily was working in West Africa, and I was looking for something to do. I made her a GORUCK bag for her to use, and it went from there.”

The couple financed the startup business through deployment money, but they struggled in the early stages. Eventually, McCarthy created the GORUCK Challenge, a team building event that included Special Forces training. The first event was held in 2010, and their website reports there has been over 10,000 more since.

“We wanted to take what we learned and civilianize it. Not everything can be done the same way, but the lessons are universal.”

Ruck Sack Backpack

Digging Through the ‘Ruck’ to Expand a Fitness Niche Globally

The combination of the gear and the challenge was what McCarthy credits for the magic of GoRuck taking off. Over the years since, the company has sold more rucks, weights, shoes, and apparel. Now, you can go into many gyms and fitness centers and see at least one person rocking the company logo somewhere.

“We've built it from the ground up and did it right. We really enjoyed that process. I wanted to honor my buddies that were going to war and honor my roots in Special Forces. It is important to me that those things remain at the ecocenter.”

He emphasized that they did not start a business to only make a profit but rather a difference. McCarthy obviously is proud of the company's , but he can't help but smile when he hears stories about people improving their physical selves through rucking or any other fitness discipline. As a true fitness advocate, McCarthy feels his best when he helps others become their best.

“I just love to hear about people going out or getting after it, whether it's rucking or pickleball. I especially love hearing about people going outside as well.”

He is also in favor of taking on those workouts and fitness challenges with others. Fitness can be about more than the body. It can be a great avenue in helping improve other aspects of everyday life.

McCarthy explained, “There's and physical health, then there's social health. Since COVID, social health has been decimated. We don't need more gyms and training plans. We need accountability and companionship. That comes from teams and friendships.”

Making Rucking Fun and Accessible to Everyone

Whether you choose to ruck alone or with others, McCarthy understands that the concept will be new to many people, and he wants to encourage them to start slowly then gradually build up, just as you would for weight training.

“Rucking can be very healthy for damn near anyone that can walk,” McCarthy advised. You don't have to use his 's products, either. Books in a backpack or a weighted vest can serve the purpose as well.

“Men that are in shape can start with as little as 30 pounds and try to walk for two miles. Try to get that in three times a week starting out. That alone would be enough to make a difference. If you are new to working out, try 20 pounds. Women can use 20 and 10 if they like.”

McCarthy went on to advise that as you get accustomed to rucking, you can challenge yourself by carrying more weight or walking the same distance in less time. There are several ways to push yourself and others to keep improving. McCarthy feels that with that mindset, rucking can be like every other aspect of fitness. You can see results, feel results, and if you are doing it with others outside, you can grow and improve together so everyone around you can see the benefits.

“That is a timeless lesson.” For more information on GORUCK, go to www.goruck.com or follow @goruck on Instagram. You can also follow McCarthy @jasonjmccarthy .

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