Jason Gets Heckled, Travis Golfs with The Great One and the Kelces London Era | Ep 96

Jason Gets Heckled, Travis Golfs with The Great One and the Kelces London Era | Ep 96

Jason Gets Heckled, Travis Golfs with The Great One and the Kelces London Era | Ep 96

Episode 96: Jason Faces Hecklers, Travis Golfs with The Great One, and the Kelces’ London Adventure

By Wave Sports + Entertainment on 2024-06-26 04:50:00

we are back with another episode of sponsored by Crown Royal. 

In this episode, we are live from the Passyunk Avenue Bar in London, England!

Before we get into what you all have been waiting for we have to tie up one last Beer Bowl loose end, Travis breaks down his weekend in Nashville golfing with Wayne Gretzky and attending Tight End U, and Jason how his charity golf outing almost got derailed by some Philly hecklers. 

Then we gotta talk about it. Jason recaps his first night attending the Eras tour, explains why holding a beer with your teeth isn't a big deal, and what meeting the Royal family was like. 

And finally, because this is our London Special, the guys also take a “London Slang Quiz,” revive “Player's As” with figures from the Revolutionary War, answer some No Dumb Questions about playing overseas, and sample some authentic British cuisine throughout the episode. 

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