CUBOT King Kong 8 Rugged Smartphone, 10600mAh Rugged Phone Unlocked, 12GB RAM+256GB ROM Cell Phones, 6.52″ Screen, 5000LM LED Flashlight, 48MP Camera, IP68/69K/4G Dual SIM Android 13 Smart Phone

Cubot King Kong 8 Rugged Smartphone, 10600Mah Rugged Phone Unlocked, 12Gb Ram+256Gb Rom Cell Phones, 6.52″ Screen, 5000Lm Led Flashlight, 48Mp Camera, Ip68/69K/4G Dual Sim Android 13 Smart Phone
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Product Description

Product Description

Cubot Kingkong 8- Illuminate the road and make your day full of vitality 11

1 1 1 1 12GB RAM 2 256GB ROM+1TB 3 Android 13

10600mAh – Endurance exceeds limit! 11

11 6.52″ Immersive Screen

Start a visual feast with our spacious 6.52-inch HD+ screen. Whether you're gaming or streaming, this screen immerses you in stunning detail.

11 Captivating photography

Unleash your inner photographer with a versatile :

48MP main for stunning photos and videos.2MP macro for detailed close-ups.16MP front camera for quality photos.

Ultra-bright LED torch – Light your way anytime, anywhere 11

Rugged and versatile, it's the ultimate companion you can rely on

1 1 1 1 Phone 1 IP68 & IP69K 2 Tools & NFC 3 Dual 4G & GPS 4 Packing list 5 Unsupported Carriers

CUBOT Kingkong 8 Rugged Smartphone – Robust and powerful 11

[Large storage space] CUBOT King Kong 8 rugged phone is powered by an octa-core MTK8788 processor and RAM expansion technology, which can expand RAM from 6GB to 12GB, capable of intense multitasking to ensure a smooth user experience.256GB built-in storage, up to 1TB, to store photos as you wish, videos or songs as you wish, without compromise.
[ capacity up to 10600mAh] The CUBOT King Kong 8 unlocked Phone comes with a massive 10600mAh battery that redefines what it means to stay connected, explore and conquer the outdoors. It ensures long-lasting use without frequent charging. It gives you peace of mind even in harsh environments. It can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices.
[5000 Lumens Super Bright LED Flashlight] The CUBOT King Kong 8 Android smartphone is topped with a powerful dual LED flashlight with up to 5000 lumens to illuminate the darkest places. Whether you are traveling in the wilderness or navigating in the dark, it will light your way forward! Especially great for everyday use, emergencies, outdoor activities, camping and hiking.
[6.52 inch HD+ Display] The CUBOT King Kong 8 waterproof phone brings you a visual experience with its 6.52 inch HD+ screen. Sharper, more detailed images are more than just glimpses of life. Ensure every visual experience is rendered in rich and stunningly vibrant colors to further enhance your immersion.
[IP68/IP69K&MIL-STD-810H ] The CUBOT King Kong 8 rugged phone is IP68/IP69K rated, waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof. It is also MIL-STD-810H certified to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions without compromising its functionality. It is an ideal solution for workers in construction, manufacturing, outdoor activities and other industries.
[Capture the best moments of your life] CUBOT King Kong 8 military grade cell phones comes with a 48MP main camera, a 16MP front-facing camera, and a 2MP macro camera.The 48MP main camera has higher sensitivity and color fidelity, so you can capture vibrant textures and colors every time you take a picture.
【CUBOT Official Service&(Note: At&t, Cricket and Verizon is not supported, Please confirm the carrier before purchasing!)】CUBOT offers 30 days no reason return, two years warranty, long term technical support and 24 hours online customer service. When you choose CUBOT, you choose a safe shopping experience and professional customer service.

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Customers say

Customers like the sturdiness, performance, and quality of the cellular phone. For example, they mention it's a solid titan for the price, runs great, and is responsive. That said, some complain about the build quality.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Oliver Lyman
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: The flash light included in this is wonderful
Review: One of the best phone's I have ever owned on top of that not able to break any part of this phone.including getting it wet. Thank you

Reviewer: Xannthas
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Solid titan for the price.
Review: Only had this thing for a bit less than a week, but I've run a little challenge: After day 1, I entirely stopped charging it just to see how long it takes the battery to die.It's been 5 days since the last charge; some Minecraft, some idle games, some texting and video, the phone's at 50% now. Pretty crazy. (EDIT: I'd say this thing lasts 2-3 weeks if you just let it idle, but if you absolutely burn the battery as quick as possible, it takes about 3 days to die.)I aint gonna test this thing's durability via drops or anything, of course, but it feels solid, I'm just hoping a good chunk of the phone's bulk is due to the overall padding and not just the battery.I'm letting the battery run down until it's about 10% or so, then I'll charge it, it just feels crazy that this single phone has more capacity than most mid-tier battery banks and that an advertised feature is that you can use this phone to charge others.Also, holy moly the built in flashlight is super bright, jeez.Downsides, some obvious, some not:1. HUGE. This thing's a huge, heavy brick, it's about 3-5 phones thick. I REALLY hope it takes NO damage from a fall, if/when I ever drop it. It's rated for a fall to concrete of about 1.5m with no damage, but I'm not gonna test that.2. Performance is… okay. it's a bit faster than my previous phone, but not by much. Going from 3GB of RAM to 6(+6) is great, however, it's a multitasking god compared to my old one.3. The base UI is limiting. I don't know if it's because of something I'm missing or if my old phone was special or something, but it has no “dump” for apps you barely use, you can't just swipe up to reveal all your less-used apps, all your apps are on your main app tabs, so I had to sit there and organize apps for like an hour because I synched my old phone and new one and didn't want 7 pages of random apps. (Thankfully the phone doesn't come with any bloatware.)4. The screen protectors that come with it, I'm sure they're not great, but the first one that came ON the phone immediately lifted off when I tried to peel the tab and somehow managed to suck up several big particles instantly. The second screen protector went on fine though.5. Very limiting cell compatibility, it's just GSM as far as I know. Not great in the US, since fewer services do GSM anymore here.6. The rubber covers for the ports for waterproofing are finicky to open. (I guess that makes sense though.)7. No headphone jack. Makes sense for waterproofing, but it still sucks.8. I can feel something's off about the software on the phone, as if it's running a bootleg OS pretending to be Android. Dunno if that's true or not, but the phone's got these little quirks here and there that make me feel something's up.

Reviewer: Kevin Rodgers
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Awesome phone
Review: This phone is truly amazing for the money. It's a little heavy but that's the only downside I can see. Works with Mint mobile in the US and I'm assuming T-Mobile also. Excellent! Storage on the phone is lightning fast and responsive. Lcd is clear and crisp. The camera is also pretty good.

Reviewer: William G. MccUllars
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Not worth the money
Review: Nice phone really liked it but it's not even compatible with Verizon I would venture to say it would be hard to find which carrier it would be compatible with so now I have a phone that I can't even use

Reviewer: jorge venegas
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Strong and runs great
Review: I will I have been with the phone for a week now, great purchase.

Reviewer: Alan
Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Decent but not for gaming
Review: The phone was nice for its value, as well as its storage. I’d say the phone is more for utility than for gaming as how the description describes the phone(for gaming) but fails to pass medium graphic settings.

Reviewer: Judy W
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Title: Phone
Review: Good quality but had to return because it didn't work with my carrier

Reviewer: daniel
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Title: It's heavy
Review: Phone is pretty darn good. I like it's rugged and can take a beating . Although the first day I got it I dropped it and it chipped. But I think it's only on the exterior screen protector that you can peel off. I don't know that yet because I'm not checking. Great amount of memory. Im pleased

Reviewer: xcom1602
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Ich habe mir das Handy gekauft, weil ich viel mit meinem Hund unterwegs bin. Ausschlaggebend war für mich die eingebaute Taschenlampe, außerdem dass es stoß- und wasserfest ist. Die Taschenlampe ist wirklich sehr gut, im stockdunklen Wald leuchtet sie locker 50 Meter und mehr hell voraus. Starker Regen macht dem Handy nichts aus; Stoßfestigkeit konnte ich noch nicht testen, es scheint aber ziemlich robust zu sein. Die Ausstattung ist für den Preis überdurchschnittlich: 8 GB Arbeitsspeicher (mit der Option, virtuell um weitere 8GB zu erweitern), 256 GB Festspeicher, guter Prozessor, NFC, riesiger Akku mit der ca. dreifachen Kapazität eines durchschnittlichen Smartphones, Fingerabdrucksensor. Letzterer ist in die Einschalttaste integriert und reagiert absolut flüssig, was die Bedienung sehr angenehm macht. Installiert ist Android 13, auf nervige Bloatware wurde gänzlich verzichtet. Die Kamera macht gute Bilder, kommt aber an Spitzenmodelle sicher nicht ganz heran. In der Preisklasse dennoch top. Der Packung liegen ein großes Netzteil, zwei Kabel und Kopfhörer bei, eine Panzerglasfolie ist bereits installiert. Durch die Taschenlampe und den großen Akku ist das Kingkong Power sehr dick und schwer; für kleinere Frauenhände ist es definitiv nicht geeignet. Aber das ergibt sich aus der Natur als Outdoor-Handy, für mich ist das kein Nachteil. Das ist bereits mein zweites Smartphone von Cubot und ich bin begeistert. Üppige Ausstattung, sowohl bei Technik als auch Lieferumfang, günstiger Preis, schlanke Software. Kann man für Outdoor-Fans bedingungslos empfehlen.

Reviewer: Susi
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: La robustez es la que buscaba para la montaña,, para la acampada es genial si linterna muy potente, quizás molaría que tuviera por lo menos un par de densidades,, y el tamaño es grande no un problema para mí, e callo de la moto lo recoji y estaba intacto el peso es importante pero no hay otra cosa con la super batería de 3 días comprobados que aguanta, altavoz suena bastante bien cus so lo dejas en la mesa ya que si forma de detrás canaliza el sonido, seconocimie yo por huella dactilar en botón y es sumergible lo metí en el río bañándome y grabando y nada de humedad, le doy de nota un 8'75, lo que no me gusta un poco gordo y pesa un poco, que no me importa ninguna de las 2 pero os lo pongo para que lo sepais.

Reviewer: giuseppe
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Lo ritengo un ottimo prodotto in quanto a caratteristiche generali. E' ben protetto da una scocca che dovrebbe attutire in caso di caduta accidentale. La torcia doppia illumina in una maniera incredibile. La fotocamera è buona e il sistema non ha rallentamenti, almeno per l'uso che ne faccio io (navigazione classica, casomai con più pagine aperte, invio email e qualche app attiva). La batteria permette un'autonomia di circa 3/4 giorni però, quindi ottimo; un pò troppo grande e pesante per l'uso quotidiano. Diciamo non di facile gestione, il peso si avverte nella tasca, ma si sa questo tipo di telefoni non sono mai una piuma.E' corredato da caricatore (carica fast) e cavo type c da ambo i lati, auricolari type c e vetro protettivo da applicare allo schermo per una protezione maggioreL'ho dovuto restituire perchè era impossibile da applicare al porta telefono che ho sulla mia moto, lo spessore è notevole e mi impediva l'utilizzo. Purtroppo l'ho restituito a malincuore.Se non avessi avuto questa esigenza particolare lo avrei tenuto sicuramente.Rapporto qualità/prezzo ottimo per un telefono con quelle caratteristiche.

Reviewer: Juan gabriel
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Debería tener resistencia a golpes y agua y no es así he recorrido en moto con el teléfono y lluvia ligera unos 30 km y ya era la segunda vez que al secarlo el altavoz no funcionaba sin distorsionar se hasta esta vez que golpee la parte trasera del móvil con la palma de la mano para sacudir el agua y se hizo una raya en medio de la pantalla sí ha tenido golpes de caídas que ha resistido una linterna y visión en la oscuridad más una batería envidiable pero no aguanta lo que debería siendo un ladrillo de un kg como quien dice eso sí me han dicho que lo devuelva para proceder al reembolso lo recomiendo siempre y cuando busques algo duradero pero no cuentes con la resistencia al agua y a los golpes entre comillas

Reviewer: lorenzo
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Review: Ottimo telefono robusto, è stato masticato ben due volte dal cane senza presentare segni evidenti. Caduto nel fango e lavato sotto il rubinetto con una spugna, il telefono resiste e funziona perfettamente. Ottimo prodotto, il peso è forse eccessivo bisogna abituarsi, in tasca non è molto comodo.

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