Cowboys News and Notes: Tuesday, July 8 2024

Cowboys News and Notes: Tuesday, July 8 2024

Cowboys News and Notes: Tuesday, July 8 2024

Tuesday, July 8 2024: Updates and Highlights from the Cowboys

By K.D. Drummond on 2024-07-09 06:00:00

Cowboys News And Notes: Tuesday, July 8 2024

The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of a transition of sorts, it's just not something that will happen across one offseason. The decision to have a prove-it year puts the roster in as much limbo as the coaching staff. Will Mike McCarthy lean towards upside of high floor when it comes to deciding the 53-man roster? That will determine who amongst a cast of veterans needs to work extra hard to ensure a spot.

Meanwhile, there's a ton of pressure on Mazi Smith to prove why Dallas thought of him as a huge value in 2023. Here to help? Rookie Marshawn Kneeland could be a key to the Cowboys' defensive line getting it's act together in 2024. RB woes, a potential fit in next year's draft, and the NFL upping the gambling ante once again, all in the latest News and Notes.


The Cowboys have a relatively deep roster in most places, allowing them to opportunity to churn where possible and keep costs low. These 11 are going to have to prove themselves come training camp in Oxnard.


The overachieving slot monster seemingly spoke out of turn about the current top receiver in the game.


The Cowboys spent a pick on an edge rusher for the third time in four years. Here's an inside look from Doug Farrar of just how impactful Kneeland could be as a rookie.


Prescott made it a point via Instagram to let folks see him without the walking boot he was spotted in during a trip to sea.

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Oh look, no Cowboys.


Oh look, a RB for the Cowboys.


Simply put: Boise State back Ashton Jeanty was the best back in college football last year. With a wide receiver background, he is a true threat as both a runner and receiver. He recorded more than 1,900 all-purpose yards with 0.55 PFF wins above average, the sixth-highest single-season WAA score for a college running back in the PFF era. The Cowboys have the lowest-ceiling running back room in the NFL heading into 2024, and Jeanty would be an obvious fix.


Mazi Smith makes an appearance on this list, thanks to his lack of production as a rookie in 2023.

Smith weighed 323 pounds at the NFL Combine, and the one thing he excelled at in college was stuffing the run and anchoring the middle of the line.

The Cowboys inexplicably then asked him to drop a ton of weight and seemed confused when he made little impact as a rookie.

Smith finished 2023 with a 34.9 PFF run-defense grade and offered little as a pass-rusher, with only eight pressures all season.


Remember back in the days when the NFL stepped in and stopped Tony Romo's conference in Las Vegas because it supposedly didn't want to be associated with gambling? Tuh.


Cowboys fans aren't accustomed to seeing their offensive line not garnering universal respect, even if it has been mostly misplaced for several seasons.


Dallas checks in with three of the top 10 here, including their rivalry with the Packers coming in at No. 5, the Steelers at No. 2 and the 49ers taking the top spot. Too bad Dallas has been on the short end during this recent stretch.

Career record: 49ers lead series 20-19-1 (40 games)

The No. 1 rivalry of all-time belongs to the Cowboys and the 49ers, who have been battling each other in the playoffs for decades. They've met nine times in the postseason with their first playoff matchup occurring in 1970. The 1981 matchup is arguably the most famous game in NFL history with Joe Montana throwing the game-winning touchdown to Dwight Clark.

But the rivalry only grew in popularity during the 1990s when they met in three consecutive seasons in the postseason (1992-1994). The 49ers and the Cowboys shared some elite players (Deion Sanders, Charles Haley), which only intensified the rivalry. The matchups between prime Steve Young and Troy Aikman helped make this matchup even more prolific.

The cool thing about this rivalry is that has continued over the last few years with the Cowboys and 49ers meeting in the postseason twice in the 2020s, this is a rivalry that has stood the test of time and still feels as relevant as ever.


A top-five of Dallas signings on the free agent market that of course is topped by CB Deion Sanders, but we'll highlight No. 4, DT La'Roi Glover.

With stops in Oakland and New Orleans before signing with the Cowboys, Glover was well-traveled before settling in Dallas. From there, he found stability and played the best football of his career.

In his four years with the Cowboys, Glover didn't miss a game and finished with a Pro Bowl nod in all four seasons, as well as two All-Pro selections.

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