Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program by Lindsey Bomgren

Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program By Lindsey Bomgren

Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program by Lindsey Bomgren” is a dynamic and versatile fitness regimen designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Created by certified personal trainer Lindsey Bomgren, this program requires just 30 minutes a day, focusing on building muscle, strength, and cardiovascular endurance over two action-packed weeks. Each day includes 5 minutes of mobility training, 20 minutes of rigorous strength exercises, and targeted burnout sessions for optimal muscle endurance. Whether you're hitting the weights with dumbbells or enhancing your movements with optional resistance bands and heel wedges, Build 30 delivers a comprehensive and balanced workout experience. Aimed at intermediate to advanced fitness levels, it provides modifications to ensure everyone can benefit. Plus, the entire program is free to use, with daily workout videos readily available on YouTube, making it incredibly accessible and easy to follow. Have you been on the lookout for a new fitness program that can fit into your busy schedule yet give you a well-rounded workout routine? Look no further! Let me introduce you to “Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program by Lindsey Bomgren.”

Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program By Lindsey Bomgren

Program Overview

We've all been there—juggling multiple commitments while trying to carve out time for personal health and fitness. So, when you come across a program that's manageable and effective, it feels like striking gold. “Build 30” might just be that golden program you're searching for.

Name: Build 30

An attractive name, isn't it? Just by the name, you can tell it's about building something solid—an improved you!

Creator: Lindsey Bomgren, CPT

Lindsey Bomgren is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. Her programs are well-known for being accessible yet incredibly effective. If you love her free already available on her platforms, you'll adore the Build 30 program.

Duration: 2 Weeks

A 2-week program is perfect to jump-start your fitness journey or shake up your existing routine. It's short enough to stay committed yet long enough to see real progress.

Daily Commitment: 30 Minutes per Day

No excuses here! Everyone can find 30 minutes each day. Whether it's in the morning, during lunch, or after work, squeeze it into your schedule.

Equipments Needed

To make the most out of this program, here's what you'll need:

  • Dumbbells
  • Optional mini loop resistance bands
  • Heel wedges
  • Bench/box/chair


Here's what each 30-minute session comprises:

  • 5 minutes of mobility training: Perfect to warm up your muscles.
  • 20 minutes of strength training: The core part of the workout aiming at building strength.
  • Burnout sessions targeted for muscle endurance: Push your muscles to their limit for maximum growth.

Key Features

The Build 30 program is packed with several features designed to ensure you get a comprehensive workout experience. Here's a closer look at what makes this program unique.

Focus on Building Muscle and Strength

Lindsey ensures the program aims for muscle and strength building, which is vital for improving your overall .

Cardiovascular Endurance

Yes, you'll be huffing and puffing too! Cardiovascular endurance is a critical part of your fitness and this program doesn't overlook it.

Targets Major Muscle Groups

You'll work on every crucial muscle group, a win-win if you're searching for a comprehensive routine:

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Core

Combination of Exercises

Variety is the spice of life, right? The program smartly blends isolation exercises with compound movements to engage multiple muscle groups and make each day interesting.

For Intermediate to Advanced with Modifications

Although primarily aimed at those with some fitness background, there are modifications available for all levels. So don't worry if you're just getting started.

Workout Structure

Let's break down the weekly schedule to give you an idea of what you'll be doing each day.

Week 1

Day Focus
Day 1 Full body and leg focus
Day 2 Chest and triceps
Day 3 Core training
Day 4 Glutes and hamstrings
Day 5 Full body and abs

Week 2

Day Focus
Day 6 Full body and arm focus
Day 7 Quads and glutes
Day 8 Core circuit
Day 9 Back and shoulders
Day 10 Full body muscle building

Breakdown of Each Day’s Workout

  • Day 1: Start strong with a full-body workout that puts special emphasis on your legs.
  • Day 2: Focus shifts to chest and triceps, ensuring your upper body gets the attention it needs.
  • Day 3: Time for core training. Strengthening your core is crucial for overall fitness.
  • Day 4: Glutes and hamstrings day. You'll love feeling the burn!
  • Day 5: Another full-body session but this time, keeping abs in mind.
  • Day 6: Kick-off Week 2 with a full-body workout focusing on arms.
  • Day 7: Quads and glutes take the stage.
  • Day 8: Another dedicated core circuit.
  • Day 9: Time to work on your back and shoulders.
  • Day 10: Cap it off with a comprehensive full-body muscle-building session.

Additional Information

Before diving into the program, let's go over some additional details that you might find helpful.

Free to Use

One of the most attractive features of Build 30 is that it's completely free. No sign-ups or annoying ads. Just pure fitness!

Modifier Available

Don't sweat it if some exercises seem daunting. Low impact and beginner modifications are available. So, you can adjust the intensity according to your comfort and capabilities.

Rest Days

Your muscles need to recover. It's suggested to take 2 rest days per week, ideally after Day 3 and Day 7.

Fitness Goals

Build 30 helps you aim for a variety of fitness goals:

  • Build muscle: Strength training exercises that will sculpt and tone your muscles.
  • Improve athletic and cardiovascular fitness: Besides strength, the program aims at enhancing your overall athletic performance.
  • Increase core strength, , and mobility: Important elements for a well-rounded fitness journey.
  • Burn calories and lose weight: For those looking to shed some pounds while gaining muscles.

Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program By Lindsey Bomgren


Entering the world of Build 30 is super easy!

Download the Program PDF

Everything is conveniently packed in a downloadable PDF. It includes daily workout videos available on YouTube for guided sessions.

Mobile Access

You can save the workout calendar straight to your mobile device. It's accessible anywhere, perfect for those on-the-go!

Other Offerings

If you love Build 30, Lindsey Bomgren has more in store for you. Here are other free workout programs and challenges she offers:

  • Strong 20
  • Stronger 25
  • SplitStrong 35
  • HIITStrong 35
  • MetCon 100

Social Sharing

How cool would it be to share your fitness progress with like-minded individuals? Tagging @nourishmovelove on social lets you become part of a supportive community. Plus, you can also pin daily on Pinterest for easy access.


So, are you ready to commit to 30 minutes a day for two weeks? The Build 30 program crafted by Lindsey Bomgren is more than just a routine; it's an opportunity to improve your fitness, health, and overall well-being. It's simple, effective, and most importantly, accessible to everyone. Grab those dumbbells, download the PDF, and get ready for a transformative fitness journey. You've got this!

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Build 30: A Two-Week Fitness Program By Lindsey Bomgren

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