Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup for 2024 Edition

Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup For 2024 Edition

Get ready to immerse yourself in a celebration of contemporary art as the Bangkok Art Biennale has proudly unveiled the lineup for its 2024 edition! With 45 extraordinary artists from 28 different countries, this year's Biennale promises to be a breathtaking showcase of creativity and innovation. Mark your calendar for October 25, when the event opens across nine iconic locations in Bangkok, including heritage sites like the Temple of Dawn and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Under the theme “Nurture Gaia,” the Biennale will explore powerful themes of femininity and ecology, featuring a captivating mix of installations, performances, and symposiums. Highlights include works from renowned artists such as Adel Abdessemed, Chiara Camoni, and Louise Bourgeois. Whether you're an art aficionado or a casual observer, this edition of the Bangkok Art Biennale is set to offer something truly memorable for everyone. Have you heard the exciting news about the upcoming Bangkok Art Biennale for 2024? It's an event that art lovers from around the world eagerly anticipate, and this year's edition promises to be more captivating than ever. Let's dive into all the details together!

Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup for 2024 Edition

The Bangkok Art Biennale has officially revealed the lineup of 45 talented local and international artists who will be participating in its fourth edition, set to open on October 25. The event is a much-celebrated phenomenon in the art world, offering a unique blend of modern and traditional artistic expressions. This year, the artists hail from 28 different countries, ensuring an eclectic mix of cultures, styles, and perspectives.

Diverse Global Participation

The organizers have meticulously curated a selection of artists that represent a broad array of artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Interestingly, approximately 25 percent of the works featured will be debuting for the first time, providing a fresh and exclusive experience for attendees.

Meet Some of the Featured Artists

The artist lineup for the 2024 edition is truly impressive. Here are some of the standout talents you can look forward to:

  • Adel Abdessemed – An Algerian-French installation artist known for creating provocative and thought-provoking installations.
  • Chiara Camoni – An Italian ceramicist and visual artist whose works explore the intrinsic properties of her chosen materials.
  • Priyageetha Dia – A Singaporean time-based media artist known for her striking and poignant creations.
  • Camille Henrot – A French-American -media artist who blends different mediums to explore complex social themes.
  • Choi Jeong Hwa – A South Korean sculpture designer renowned for his innovative and often whimsical works.

Other notable artists include Brooklyn-based artist Chitra Ganesh, multidisciplinary Japanese artist Aki Inomata, and Scandinavian sculptural duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. In addition, the renowned French-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois and German artist Joseph Beuys will be featured, among others.

The Theme: Nurture Gaia

The theme for the 2024 Bangkok Art Biennale is “Nurture Gaia,” focusing on the dual concepts of femininity and ecology. This theme was unveiled last October and has set the tone for the diverse of artworks that will be showcased. Expect to see pieces that explore the interconnectedness of nature and the feminine spirit, emphasizing the importance of nurturing both.

Venues Across the City

This year's Biennale will be held across nine different venues in Thailand's bustling capital city, Bangkok. These venues range from contemporary museums and galleries to high-end shopping malls and ancient heritage sites. The three notable heritage sites are:

  • Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)
  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
  • Temple of Iron Fences (Wat Prayoon)

Each venue offers a unique backdrop that enhances the viewing experience, blending the old with the new and the natural with the man-made.

Exciting Program of Events

One of the highlights of the Bangkok Art Biennale is its diverse program of events. This year, attendees can look forward to an array of performances and symposiums. Some of the noteworthy events include:

  • Kira O'Reilly's Performance Piece – A work that is expected to push the boundaries of traditional performance art.
  • Amanda Coogan's Theatrical Piece – This piece delves into the experiences of the deaf community, offering a profound and moving narrative.
  • Sculptures by Choi Jeong Hwa – These will be displayed across several venues, adding a dynamic visual element to the Biennale.

A Brief of the Bangkok Art Biennale

The Bangkok Art Biennale began in 2018, making this its fourth edition. The event has quickly garnered international acclaim for its innovative approach and compelling curations. The curatorial team is led by the chief executive and artistic director, Apinan Poshyananda, whose vision and leadership have been pivotal in shaping the Biennale's .

Additional Details and Insights

Now that you have a glimpse of what the 2024 edition has to offer, let's delve into more details about the artists, venues, and the impact of the Biennale on the global art community.

In-Depth Look at Featured Artists

Let's get to know some of the artists set to feature their works at the Biennale a little better. Here's a brief overview of some key artists:

Adel Abdessemed: Known for his often controversial installations, Abdessemed's work challenges perceptions and encourages deep contemplation on various social issues.

Chiara Camoni: Her ceramic pieces are not just beautiful objects but carry stories and emotions, often inspired by nature and ancient traditions.

Priyageetha Dia: Dia's time-based media works are ephemeral yet powerful, often exploring themes of identity and community.

Camille Henrot: Henrot's use of mixed media allows her to create layered, intricate works that speak to the complexities of contemporary life.

Choi Jeong Hwa: Hwa's sculptures are not just visually appealing but are also imbued with playful and philosophical elements that prompt viewers to see the world differently.

Chitra Ganesh: Her works blend folklore, mythology, and contemporary issues, creating powerful narratives that resonate on many levels.

Unique Venues Enhance the Experience

The choice of venues for this year's Biennale is nothing short of spectacular. Combining modern settings with ancient sites, the Biennale offers a holistic experience that transcends traditional gallery visits.

  • Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun): This iconic site not only offers a beautiful scenic backdrop but also adds a layer of spiritual reflection to the artworks displayed.

  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho): Known for its impressive reclining Buddha statue, this temple offers a sacred space where art and spirituality can intersect.

  • Temple of Iron Fences (Wat Prayoon): The intricate architecture of this site adds an element of historical depth to the contemporary works on display.

Performances and Symposiums

The Biennale's program is packed with a variety of performances and symposiums that offer deeper engagement with the themes of femininity and ecology.

Kira O'Reilly's Performance: Known for her experimental and often provocative performances, O'Reilly's piece is sure to be a standout event.

Amanda Coogan's Theatrical Piece: This immersive performance about the deaf community promises to be both informative and emotionally moving.

Scultures by Choi Jeong Hwa: Displayed across multiple venues, Hwa's sculptures will offer a dynamic visual journey, encouraging viewers to see ordinary spaces transformed by extraordinary art.

Significance of the Theme “Nurture Gaia”

The theme “Nurture Gaia” is especially poignant in today's world, where environmental concerns and gender equality are at the forefront of global discussions. This theme not only allows artists to explore their own interpretations of femininity and ecology but also invites viewers to reflect on these critical issues.

The Evolution of the Bangkok Art Biennale

Since its inception in 2018, the Bangkok Art Biennale has evolved rapidly, gaining international recognition and attracting thousands of visitors from around the world. The Biennale's impact on both the local and global art scenes has been substantial, offering a platform for artists to showcase innovative works and for audiences to engage with contemporary art in a meaningful way.

Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup For 2024 Edition

Why You Should Attend

Attending the Bangkok Art Biennale is an experience like no other. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't miss it:

Immersive Art Experience

The Biennale is more than just an exhibition; it's an immersive experience that allows you to engage deeply with each piece of art. The combination of diverse venues and rich thematic content ensures that every visit is unique.

Cultural Exchange

With artists from 28 different countries, the Biennale is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. It's an excellent opportunity to experience art from various perspectives and expand your own horizons.

Cutting-Edge Art

Approximately 25 percent of the artworks will be making their debut at the Biennale. This means you'll have the chance to see fresh, cutting-edge art that has never been exhibited before.

Engaging Programs

The performances and symposiums add an extra layer of engagement and understanding. These programs allow you to delve deeper into the themes and concepts explored by the artists.

Beautiful Venues

The diverse range of venues, from modern galleries to ancient temples, provides not just a visual treat but also a sense of connection to the rich cultural heritage of Bangkok.

Networking Opportunities

For those in the art world, the Biennale offers numerous networking opportunities. Whether you're an artist, curator, or enthusiast, you'll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals and potentially collaborate on future projects.

Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup For 2024 Edition

Practical Information

Here's some practical information to help you plan your visit to the Bangkok Art Biennale 2024:

Dates and Venues

  • Opening Date: October 25, 2024
  • Duration: To be announced
  • Venues: Various locations across Bangkok, including museums, galleries, malls, and heritage sites like Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Prayoon.

How to Get There

Bangkok is well-connected by air and has a comprehensive public transport system, including the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway. Most venues are easily accessible via public transport, making it convenient to move between different locations.

Tickets and Pricing

Ticket information is yet to be announced. Keep an eye on the official Bangkok Art Biennale website for updates on ticket prices and availability.


Bangkok offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, from hotels to more affordable guesthouses. It's advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, as the Biennale attracts a large number of international visitors.

Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup For 2024 Edition


The Bangkok Art Biennale 2024 promises to be an unmissable event that offers a rich, immersive experience for all attendees. Whether you're an art aficionado, a casual observer, or someone looking to explore new cultural horizons, the Biennale has something for everyone. From its thoughtfully curated artist lineup to its diverse range of venues and engaging programs, the event is poised to make a significant impact on the global art scene.

So, mark your calendars for October 25 and get ready to embark on a visual and emotional journey at the Bangkok Art Biennale. Who knows? You might come away with not just a deeper appreciation for art but also new perspectives on the themes of femininity and ecology.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Bangkok Art Biennale Announces Artist Lineup For 2024 Edition

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