Announcing Weight Loss for Warriors

Announcing Weight Loss For Warriors
- your lifestyle and waistline while raising support for our military heroes.
-It is for anyone (no previous fitness experience or nutritional knowledge is required)
-You can do it anywhere (no gym or special equipment needed)
-You will have daily structure, education, and accountability for how to eat, how to get active, what to cook, and how to put the information into practice with our comprehensive online platform.

Challenge Structure:
-During Week 1 and 6:
-2 Standardized Benchmark Workouts that will be repeated in the last week of the challenge that will be used to quantify your improvement in fitness
-Take body measurements before and after to see your body composition
-Record your to start and end the Challenge to see how much weight you lose

Throughout the whole Challenge:
-Tracking Lifestyle with daily questions
 I ate 3 servings of . today True |False
 I ate 1-2 servings of Fruit. True |False
 I did not eat any wheat or unapproved grains today. True |False
 I did not eat any sugars or unapproved sweeteners today. True | False
 I avoided all banned food items on the database. True | False
 I did a recommended workout or least 10 minutes of exercise today. True |False
-Set and track personal goals along the way
-Experiment with new recipe

We provide additional resources:
-Exclusive content
-Medical advice
-Nutritional education
-Fitness tips
-2 Week Meal Planning
-We provide a 9 week daily fitness program broken down for 3 levels of difficulty
-Food Database- see what foods are recommended, in moderation, or banned
-Community Forum
-Journal to track your experiences
-Custom “Fellow Warrior” List (can follow your friends or member of your group)
-Nationwide leaderboards
-Ability to track your weight, body fat, and record progress photos

-We provide the platform and tools needed to help you raise support for our military heroes. People will sponsor your weight loss goals and those donations will go to our charities.
-Your commitment will be not only to yourself but to your support team and those who will benefit from your fundraising.

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