Anna McManamey’s 3 Phases For a Dream Body

Anna Mcmanamey's 3 Phases For A Dream Body

Anna McManamey’s 3 Phases For a Dream Body

3 Phases to Achieving Your Dream Body with Anna McManamey

By vkim on 2024-07-05 12:05:45

Anna Mcmanamey'S 3 Phases For A Dream Body

Australia's Anna McManamey has built a global following thanks to the tried and tested tips that she shares for building back and shoulder muscles while torching fat. But for those who are wondering how to structure their training, or how long to spend in a bulk versus a cut, no fear, as the certified PT and bodybuilding competitor has explained all in a recent post via social media. Here are the 3 Phases of building your ‘Dream' body according to Anna McManamey.

Phase 1: Building Lean Muscle

“If you want ‘more definition' or to look ‘more toned,' you need to spend time building lean muscle,” explained the bronzed beauty via Instagram. “Even if you don't want to look ‘muscular' (and trust me, that is NOT easy to achieve) you're still going to need some muscle. That's how you get definition! Having more lean muscle also increases your metabolism, allowing you to eat more without gaining unwanted body fat.”

So, how does one get going? “It starts with periodized weights training which prioritizes progressive overload and intensity of effort, less cardio and eating more nutritious food,” she says. “Add to that; better sleep hygiene, stress management and attention to recovery.”

The passionate PT suggests that executing phase 1 for 20 weeks will give you a “great” starting point. In terms of the calorie surplus, conventional wisdom suggests 300 – 500 calories per day extra is a great target.

Phase 2: Cutting

“This is what most women (and men) associate with dieting and loss,” explains McManamey. “But I want you to think about it differently: FAT loss, not loss. When you're building, you'll gain weight—that's normal and healthy. More lean muscle = more scale weight. When you've spent time in Phase 1 building up your base and getting (your) calorie intake higher, you're ready to start trimming back the fat. This involves shifting calories from a surplus, to a deficit. How long you need will differ from person to person, but 12-24 weeks is reasonable.”

The calorie deficit that you choose is largely dependent on your , but studies show 500 calorie per day deficit could see a drop of 0.5 to 1 pounds per week. Of course, many bodybuilders go further, but this should be balanced with your lifestyle requirements and many other factors. If unsure, seek professional advice.

Phase 3: Maintenance

“This is the holy grail most people never get to!” shares the coach. “It involves making small adjustments to ensure you fully lock in your progress. You can't live in a calorie deficit forever! Sustainable body changes require a different approach and knowing when to cut, when to build, and when to maintain.”

So, there you have it, cutting and bulking are perhaps not as complicated or as extreme concepts as some people fear, but rather they are logical plans for building muscle and losing fat so that you can get to a more sustainable maintenance phase and enjoy the ‘dream' body that you've worked so hard to achieve.

To follow more tips and workouts from Anna McManamey!

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