4 Accountability Tips to Ensure You’re Meeting Your Fitness Goals

4 Accountability Tips To Ensure You're Meeting Your Fitness Goals

4 Accountability Tips to Ensure You're Your Fitness Goals

4 Strategies for Staying Accountable and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

By Erica Schultz on 2024-06-28 14:16:05

4 Accountability Tips To Ensure You'Re Meeting Your Fitness Goals

You have fitness goals. Some might be near-term, like losing two pounds this month. Others might be long shots, like competing in your first marathon next year. Regardless, your goals aren't likely to happen if you aren't holding yourself accountable.

To be sure, accountability can be hard to master. You're leading a busy life as it is. How on earth are you supposed to stay on track and achieve consistently phenomenal fitness results, too? That's exactly what we're here to answer because accountability isn't impossible. It just requires you to get a little creative — and employ practical strategies designed to help you take ownership of your health journey.

Below are four doable accountability tips to help you keep your focus and move swiftly toward all your fitness mile markers.

Use tech as an accountability tool

AI is everywhere, and while it can't do your strength training or HIIT routines for you, it can help in other ways. For instance, AI-powered technology can give you powerful and personalized insights into everything from your food intake to your workout choices. And nothing will make you more excited to keep plowing ahead than seeing the fruits of your accomplishments.

To nail down your nutritional needs and progress, head to MacroFactor. The smart app adapts calorie and macro recommendations to your distinctive metabolism. Instead of being treated like “just another” athlete in your age group, you'll receive specific, accurate calorie and nutrient targets and weekly macro plan updates based on your individualized needs. MacroFactor is the -based coaching tool you've been missing to ensure you set and achieve all those mini and maxi nutritional goals.

If you're looking for a similar app to store and propel your workout gains, download Aaptiv. The budget-friendly guided workout app relies on AI to structure workout suggestions for you as the weeks roll by. Aaptiv is especially attractive if you're seeking new ways to compete against your personal bests. With thousands of workouts available, you won't get bored. That means you'll be less likely to avoid exercise and more able to take ownership and crush your fitness objectives.

Assign some accountability buddies

In one study cited by Futurity, people who worked out with a friend improved their gym membership compliance rates by 35%. Why? Nothing makes you as accountable to your workouts than knowing you'll let someone down if you don't show up. Even if you've always been a solo athlete, you can't ignore those numbers, especially if you tend to lapse in your training and conditioning sessions.

This doesn't mean you have to pick one person for all your fitness experiences, though. You can have as many accountability buds as you need. Let's say you like to go for long bike rides on the weekend, and you hit the weight room two nights a week. You could always join a biking group for those Saturday hauls and tag a workout friend to meet on Mondays and Wednesdays for a bit of strength training. You'll have lots of accountability built into your week, and you'll get the chance to socialize, too.

Since your intention is to keep yourself accountable, be upfront with your workout buddies. Tell them it's okay for them to push when you try to back out of a pre-scheduled meeting. Be sure to ask if they want you to do likewise so the accountability flows both ways.

Invest in appropriate workout gear

When your workout gear is old or uncomfortable, you're not going to enjoy exercising. And the less you enjoy moving, the less you'll want to do it. That's where the right gear comes into the picture. (Side note: This is an especially critical accountability tip if you expect to exercise outdoors in challenging weather conditions.)

From your apparel and accessories to your footwear, set aside funds to invest in items meant to enhance and advance your . There's no shortage of workout options on the market, so you shouldn't have trouble finding something that feels good — and protects you from injury, too.

Take shoes, for example. The right types of shoes can do more than keep your feet dry. Shoes can lessen your chances of developing a foot condition like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or even a sprained ankle. If you've been heading into your workouts with the wrong shoes, retire them and replace them with updated, sport-specific alternatives from a top brand like Nike, Hoka, Saucony, New Balance, or Ryka. Then, systematically update the rest of your duds.

Make like an influencer and post away

Social influencers are on the rise, and one of the hottest social media influencing sectors is fitness. Sprout Social research shows that fitness is a strong influencing category, particularly among Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Although you might not be an influencer on Instagram or TikTok, consider the images you already post. Do you often upload pics or videos of you before, during, or after workouts? Do you like to talk about your preferred exercises? If so, lean into those habits. See yourself as an influencer and update your page regularly.

How does setting yourself up as a would-be influencer improve your fitness accountability? First, it gives you a reason to get moving. When you have followers interested in your progression, you'll be hard-pressed to stop working out. Secondly, it gives you the chance to advise others. Third, it could position you as a potential brand ambassador down the road. Who knows? You might end up making a little profit from all that sweating.

Becoming the best version of yourself takes time and dedication. It also takes planning so you never lose sight of your dreams. By learning and applying more accountability , you'll be able to finish your year stronger and fitter.

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