30-Minute Dumbbell Workout at Home

30-Minute Dumbbell Workout at Home

If you're looking to get a full-body from the comfort of your home, the “30-Minute Dumbbell at Home” is your perfect solution. Led by experienced trainer Lindsey Bomgren, this plan combines strength and power exercises using just one medium-weight dumbbell. The is structured into four circuits, each featuring a strength exercise paired with a power move to maximize your time and effort. You'll engage muscle groups across your entire body, from your quads and glutes to your biceps and abs. Best of all, modifications are available for various fitness levels, making it accessible whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete. Plus, you can follow along with a guided video on YouTube and explore additional resources like weekly workout plans and nutritional tips on the Nourish Move Love website. Ready to boost your cardio health, build strength, and enhance endurance? Grab your dumbbell and let's get started! Have you ever wondered if you can get a full-body workout in just 30 minutes with just a single dumbbell at home? Believe it or not, you absolutely can. This workout, led by Lindsey Bomgren, CPT, is designed to provide an efficient full-body workout using a combination of strength and power exercises. Let's dive in!

Workout Overview

This 30-minute dumbbell workout focuses on engaging multiple muscle groups using a single dumbbell. The workout combines strength and power exercises to help you build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and increase endurance. Designed for all fitness levels, modifications are provided to ensure everyone can participate effectively.

Here's what you need to know before you start:

  • Trainer: Lindsey Bomgren, CPT
  • Focus: Full body
  • Equipment: One medium dumbbell (15-20 lbs)
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Workout Structure

The workout is organized into four full-body supersets. Each superset includes one strength exercise and one power exercise.


Maintaining proper timing during the workout is crucial for maximizing benefits. Here's the structure:

Activity Duration
Strength Exercise 40 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Power Exercise 30 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Each circuit is repeated three times before moving on to the next. This format ensures you get a balanced mix of strength and cardiovascular exercise.

Circuit Breakdown

Circuit One

Strength: Single Arm Back Row

This exercise targets your upper back and biceps. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and grip the dumbbell in one hand. Bend your knees slightly, lean forward with a straight back, and row the dumbbell upwards, focusing on squeezing your shoulder blade.

Strength: Dumbbell Clean and Uneven Squat into Lateral Lunge

This combination move is great for working your legs, glutes, and back in one seamless flow. Start with the dumbbell between your feet, clean it to your shoulder as you squat unevenly, then transition into a lateral lunge, bringing the dumbbell back down.

Power: Lateral Shuffle and Dumbbell Clean Pick Up

Add a burst of cardio with this move. Shuffle laterally a few steps and bend down to pick up the dumbbell from the floor. This exercise ramps up your heart rate and improves agility.

Circuit Two

Strength: Reverse Lunge, Twist and Single Arm Hammer Curl

Here's a fantastic way to get your lower body and arms working. Step back into a reverse lunge, twist your torso to the side, and perform a hammer curl at the same time. Change legs with each repetition.

Power: Lunge Drops

Lunge drops are perfect for elevating your heart rate while strengthening the legs. Start in a lunge position and quickly switch legs by jumping, landing softly to maintain control.

Circuit Three

Strength: Beast Dumbbell Drag and Plank Push Up

Get into a beast position (quadruped position with knees lifted) and drag the dumbbell across. Transition into a plank position and perform a push-up. This circuit is excellent for the arms, shoulders, and core.

Power: Burpee and Single Arm Press

Few exercises match the intensity of burpees. Add a single-arm press at the top of the burpee to challenge your shoulders and arms even more.

Circuit Four

Strength: Single Leg Glute Bridge and Skull Crusher

This exercise targets your glutes and triceps. Perform a single-leg glute bridge while holding the dumbbell, then, while in the bridge position, lower the dumbbell to perform a skull crusher, focusing on the triceps.

Power: Reverse Crunch with Overhead Pull and Seated Twist

Lay on your back and perform a reverse crunch, pulling the dumbbell overhead. Then transition into a seated twist, keeping that core engaged throughout.

Targeted Muscle Groups

Different circuits focus on various muscle groups to ensure a well-rounded workout.

Muscle Group Targeted Exercises
Lower Body Reverse Lunge, Lunge Drops, Squats, Lateral Lunges
Upper Body Single Arm Back Row, Single Arm Hammer Curl, Push Ups
Core Beast Drag, Plank, Reverse Crunch, Seated Twist

This workout ensures you hit all major muscle groups, providing a balanced full-body routine.

30-Minute Dumbbell Workout At Home

Additional Information


Lindsey offers modifications for all exercises, making this workout accessible to beginners and advanced exercisers alike. For example, if a full lunge drop is too intense, start with alternating step-back lunges.


You only need one medium dumbbell, ideally between 15-20 lbs. No other equipment is required, making this an easy workout to do at home.


Engaging in this 30-minute workout regularly can improve your cardiovascular health, increase muscular endurance, and enhance overall strength. Consistency is key to reaping the benefits, and home workouts offer the flexibility to maintain a routine without the hassle of going to a gym.

Follow Along

To get the most out of this workout, you can follow along with Lindsey Bomgren on YouTube. She offers detailed guidance and motivation to help you push through each circuit.

30-Minute Dumbbell Workout At Home

Programs Available

Looking for more structured plans? Here are some options:

Program Name Description
MetCon 100 High-intensity metabolic conditioning
7-Day Ab Challenge Focus on core strength and definition
Strong 20 Short, powerful workouts for strength and endurance
Stronger 25 Progressive strength training in 25-minute sessions
SplitStrong 35 35-minute split routines focusing on different muscle groups
HIITStrong 35 High-intensity interval training for overall fitness
Zero 30 Bodyweight workouts needing no equipment
Beginner Plans Starting point for those new to exercise
Pregnancy Plans Safe, effective workouts for different pregnancy stages
Diastasis Recti Program Targeted exercises for postpartum recovery
Postpartum Plans Gradual reintroduction to fitness post-childbirth

These programs offer variety, flexibility, and progressions to help you stay on track with your fitness .


The Nourish Move Love website provides additional resources, including weekly workout plans, recipes, tips, motherhood advice, lululemon reviews, discount codes, and devotionals.

30-Minute Dumbbell Workout At Home

Free 2-Week Strength + HIIT Program

If you're keen to explore more routines, consider signing up for the free 2-week Strength + HIIT program available on the website.

30-Minute Workout FAQs

Is a 30-minute workout effective?

Absolutely! This workout is structured with compound strength training exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making every minute count.

How should I structure my routine?

A balanced routine includes a warm-up, functional strength training, and a cool-down. This not only optimizes your results but also helps prevent injury.

To wrap it up, a 30-minute dumbbell workout at home led by Lindsey Bomgren is an efficient and effective way to exercise. It targets all major muscle groups, offers cardiovascular benefits, and can be adjusted to fit various fitness levels. So, grab your dumbbell and get moving—your body will thank you!

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30-Minute Dumbbell Workout At Home

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