2 traits aspiring young Cowboys WRs must display early and often

2 Traits Aspiring Young Cowboys Wrs Must Display Early And Often

2 traits aspiring young WRs must display early and often

Two essential qualities young WRs need to show consistently from the start

By reidhanson on 2024-07-09 12:41:40

2 Traits Aspiring Young Cowboys Wrs Must Display Early And Often

The 2024 have a handful of young and eager receivers heading to training camp with aspirations of making the final roster. For prospects like Ryan Flournoy, Jalen Brooks, David Durden and even Jalen Tolbert, a solid camp is critical to their survival.

Tolbert, a 2022 third-round pick, has a clear advantage over many of the down-roster competition. He has more career receptions than anyone else and he has a higher draft slot than anyone else. But even he has to prove something in camp in order to a role and roster spot on the final 53.

The vast majority of them heading to Oxnard have the traits needed to be an NFL WR. It's safe to assume the Cowboys wouldn't invite someone they think is incapable. What will ultimately separate the wheat from the chaff in this WR competition will be what's happening between each players' ears.

For any young aspiring WR, a full understanding of the position and consistency are two all-important traits a WR prospect must show coaches from Day 1. Knowing the route tree, the plays, the various WR positions, and the coverages are critical for making an early impression. And doing it every day on a consistent basis is a way even the longest of longshots can make a cramped roster like the Cowboys'.

In 2022, below-the-radar prospect Dennis Houston offered the perfect example of this. The unimposing WR out of Western Illinois had a limited ceiling as a pro and therefore was seen my most as nothing more than a camp body. But Houston debuted camp ultra-prepared with veteran-like consistency. He knew the plays, could line up in multiple roles and could run all of the routes. It wasn't long before Dak Prescott and the coaching staff started to notice.

Houston never dazzled but he made headlines from the jump. He was able to slide in with the first team and execute without error. It eventually earned him a spot on the roster and 60 offensive snaps in just two games.

There were half-a-dozen more talented WRs in camp back in 2022 but none of them earned Prescott's trust like Houston. For Houston in 2022 and these aspiring young Cowboys WRs in 2024, trust between QB and WR is critical.

Obviously special teams play is a must for any down-the-roster player, but by simply doing what he's supposed to do and being where he's supposed to be, a young off-the-radar prospect can catapult to the forefront of the competition, beating out more skilled players in front of him and potentially claiming a roster spot in the process.

Flashy big plays are fun to see and read about in camp but the key to making the roster for a bottom-of-the-roster guy is a full understanding of the position and consistent execution on the field.

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