10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout for Beginners (No Jumping)

10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout for Beginners (No Jumping)

Welcome to “10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout for Beginners (No Jumping),” your ultimate guide to a quick yet effective full-body workout designed to boost your energy, burn calories, and increase your steps without stressing your joints. Led by certified personal trainer Lindsey Bomgren, this beginner-friendly HIIT routine combines ten different exercises done entirely while standing, ensuring you stay motivated with no equipment needed and no exercise repetitions. Whether you're new to fitness or just looking for a low-impact cardio session, this workout will help you build strength and endurance right from the comfort of your home. Get ready to feel empowered and revitalized with this efficient, no-jumping workout designed to fit seamlessly into your busy day. Have you been searching for a way to get active without the high impact exercises that make your joints ache? Look no further because today, we're diving into a 10-minute low-impact HIIT workout that's perfect for beginners and doesn't involve any jumping. Let's debunk the myth that high-intensity exercises have to be tough on your joints. You can challenge your strength and endurance while keeping it gentle and fun!

10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout for Beginners (No Jumping)

What is HIIT?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods. This type of workout is famous for its efficiency, helping you burn calories even when you're short on time. But don't , intense doesn't have to mean high-impact or harmful to your joints.

Why Choose Low Impact HIIT?

Low impact HIIT workouts offer the same benefits as traditional HIIT but are gentler on your body. This makes them perfect for anyone starting out on their fitness journey or those who need a break from high-impact movements. You'll still elevate your , burn calories, and strengthen your muscles, all from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s Get Started

Today's workout is all about staying energized and motivated while protecting those joints. This routine is all standing, requires no equipment, and has no repeats, which keeps it engaging from start to finish.

Key Benefits of this Workout

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health: Keeps your up and improves endurance.
  • Burns Calories: Efficiently burns calories in a short span of time.
  • No Equipment Needed: Perfect for at-home workouts without the need for fancy gear.
  • Joint-Friendly: Ideal for beginners or those needing a low-impact exercise option.

Workout Instructions

This workout is divided into ten exercises. You'll perform each movement for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. Aim to complete as many reps as you can within the time frame while maintaining good form.

Your Workout Plan

Exercise Interval
Wide Step Knee Pull 40s Work/20s Rest
Standing Hamstring Curl and Back Fly 40s Work/20s Rest
Crossbody Jab and Standing Crunch (Right) 40s Work/20s Rest
Front/Back Lunge and Knee Drive (Right) 40s Work/20s Rest
Crossbody Jab and Standing Crunch (Left) 40s Work/20s Rest
Front/Back Lunge and Knee Drive (Left) 40s Work/20s Rest
Lateral Squat Walk and Squat Reach 40s Work/20s Rest
Cross Behind Jack Taps 40s Work/20s Rest
Squat Reach and Double Hop 40s Work/20s Rest
Alternating Side Taps and Front Taps 40s Work/20s Rest

Each exercise has its unique set of benefits and focuses on different muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout.

Detailed Exercise Guide

Wide Step Knee Pull

  • Targets: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, core, obliques, back, and shoulders.
  • Instructions: Start in a wide sumo stance with feet outside of hips and toes pointing out. Drive your knee up towards your chest while pulling your elbows down. Alternate sides with each knee pull.

Standing Hamstring Curl and Back Fly

  • Targets: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, core, back, chest, and shoulders.
  • Instructions: Stand with feet hip-width apart and kick one heel towards your glutes while performing a back fly. Alternate legs and arms smoothly between repetitions.

Crossbody Jab and Standing Crunch

  • Targets: Upper abs, lower abs, obliques, transverse abdominis, back, shoulders, and hip flexors.
  • Instructions: Start with feet wider than hips. Perform two standing crunches by bringing your opposite elbow to the knee, followed by two crossbody jabs.

Cross Behind Jack Taps

  • Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, outer glutes, inner thighs, calves, and core.
  • Instructions: Start in an athletic stance, step one foot behind the other while raising your arms overhead. Alternate between legs with each movement.

FAQs About Low Impact HIIT

Can A HIIT Workout Be Low Impact?

Absolutely! HIIT can either be high-impact involving jumping and sprinting or low-impact focusing on controlled movements like squats and lunges.

Will Low Impact Workouts Burn Fat?

Yes, they are effective for weight loss. While high-intensity workouts burn more calories in the same period, low-impact workouts help your muscles burn a higher percentage of fat for fuel.

10-Minute Low Impact Hiit Workout For Beginners (No Jumping)

Incorporate a Fitness Plan

Adding a beginner aerobic cardio workout like this one to your weekly routine 1-2 times can significantly boost your cardiovascular conditioning and endurance. It's an ideal addition to your overall fitness plan, ensuring you're exercising in a sustainable and joint-friendly manner.

Sample Weekly Workout Plan

Day Workout
Monday 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT
Tuesday Rest or Gentle Stretching
Wednesday 20-Minute Bodyweight Routine
Thursday 15-Minute Standing Cardio
Friday 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT
Saturday Active Rest (Walking/Yoga)
Sunday Rest

By incorporating these exercises regularly, you not only your physical fitness but also establish a sustainable routine that promotes long-term health benefits.

Additional Resources

  • Beginner Workout Plans: Various structured plans are tailored for beginners.
  • Pregnancy Workouts: Specially designed for safe, effective prenatal fitness.
  • Postpartum Plans: Focus on recovery and regaining strength post-pregnancy.

10-Minute Low Impact Hiit Workout For Beginners (No Jumping)

Free Workout Plans to Keep You on Track

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Final Words

Starting a fitness routine doesn't have to be intimidating or harsh on your body. With this 10-minute low impact HIIT workout, you can enjoy a high-energy session that's gentle on your joints and easy to follow. Remember, consistency is key, and every step you take brings you closer to your fitness goals.

Now put on your workout gear, find a spot in your home, and let's get started! You're just 10 minutes away from a healthier, more energized you.

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Check Out The 10-Minute Low Impact Hiit Workout For Beginners (No Jumping) Here.

10-Minute Low Impact Hiit Workout For Beginners (No Jumping)

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